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This one gets displayed because it is my book cover. :D



1) Don't be a jerk. Seriously, that's my only rule.


Folder Descriptions:

Featured: This one's just for me.

Novel Extras: Also just for me. This is stuff I've written about my characters, my world, and so on. Also where I'm keeping the character icons I made with the Gaia Avatar Simulator, because I can't think where else to put them. :hmm:

Fan Art: For fan art made for me that is NOT FOR THE CONTEST. So commissions, etc. or just stuff people have made for me that they don't want to enter into the contest.

Fan Fiction: For fan fiction made for me that is NOT FOR THE CONTEST.

CONTEST - Fan Art: For entries into the fan art category of the contest.

CONTEST - Fanfiction: For entries into the fanfiction category of the contest.

"Inspiration" Folders: For art by other people that either looks like, fits the mood of, or is otherwise reminiscent of my characters.

Guess that's about it. I vote on all submissions because it helps me keep better track of them.

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Gallery Folders

My Character Icons
Aneliya Princess by Nicole-Ennet
Sparkle summer flower by Nicole-Ennet
Sera summer flower by Nicole-Ennet
Gina summer flower by Nicole-Ennet
Fan Art
Alice fairy by Nicole-Ennet
Art trade: Misty Princess by Nicole-Ennet
Olly fairy by Nicole-Ennet
Sunlight fairy by Nicole-Ennet
Violet by Elnawen
Raven by Tsukiiyo
Evyln at Window by DanikaMilles
Inspiration - Violet + Raven
The North Wind by mllemia
Vivid Nature II by FP-Digital-Art
Inspiration - Evlyn + Gavril
Misty Forest by Esmira
Daydream by eliz7
What if by FreyjaSig
Inspiration - Eala + D'cyl
- Comission - Breeze - by Losenko
Swan by FP-Digital-Art
my secret garden by jurithedreamer
Inspiration - Countess Is'aura
Ave Nocturna by dimary
The Fire by MaliciaRoseNoire
nobody ever survives. by vinegar
The Queen of Swords by babsartcreations
Inspiration - Prince Aerom
Broken Desires by keelerleah
Inspiration - Other Characters
The Angel Princess by didouchafik
General Inspiration
magic shopping by TheShinyOne333

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This is a group for my ongoing book series "The Rose-Shadow Trilogy". Here you can find b-sides to the novel, information on the next book, fanart & fanfiction.
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Recent Journal Entries

:iconbummyballoonplz: Today is the birthday of my good friend Kat, and so I am taking the opportunity to feature her new Facebook page for her book series! 

Here on deviantART, Kat goes by



Kat is the author of 

This series is many years in the making, and Kat is working diligently to finish it up and release so we can all gobble it up. Just look at all those notes! :faint:

The first book, Child of Thrae, is nearly completed, and so Kat has opened a Facebook page to allow all her adoring fans to follow her soon-to-be-illustrious literary career! 

When Kat's page reaches 50 likes, she will be hosting a contest, the nature of which is super-secret but doubtless will be lots of fun. So please check it out! 

deviantARTist medders is the cover artist for The Kimareah Series, and you can see some of his illustrations here

As stated on Kat's Facebook page:

The Chronicles of the Ethrelian Era follows the story of a young human girl named Kimareah, who is kidnapped from her homeland by a group of rogue elves. She is taken to a mysterious new world which is in the midst of an ancient war. Kimareah soon discovers that the multiple warring parties are fighting to either control her or kill her. Upon her arrival, Kimareah must decide which side she will choose to fight for if she wishes to return to her homeland. Thus is ushered in the first novel of the Chronicles of the Ethrelian Era: Child of Thrae.

I can't wait! 

Now, I shall feature a sampling of Kat's work here on dA, so you can get a taste of her awesomeness:

Which Color, Which?What do you see?
I see everything: vivid, entwined, breathing; growing.
Every drop of radiant color sings to me a new song.
Let me breathe, let me sing; let me shout in exaltation!
Let me bleed, let me burn, let me fall; let me die.
Keep me from my fate and keep me from my life.
Hide me from their light; hide me from their darkness.
Can you feel them? Can you feel the colors?
They are separate, so far away!
Let them blend together, let them paint my picture.
Let them merge to tell my story before I fade like they do.
I can feel all of my colors aching inside:
Red is my lover – passionate and burning.
Orange is my warmth – glowing and still.
Yellow is my sickness – growing and aching.
Green is my mother – safe and warm.
Blue is my heaven – untouchable and high.
Purple is my vain – envious and hidden.
Pink is my image – smeared and broken.
Black is my killer – livid and powerful.
Gray is my mourning – present and dark.
White is my end

A poem written from the 
perspective of Kat's main character.

Can I Ask Your Secrets?Secrets... Will you trust them? Can you? I can answer that... Don't turn around.
Can I stare at you? Of course... I smirk and you know why I'm smirking.
Can I look into your eyes? Why not... I see what's behind them.
Can I touch your arm? Why... I know why you're so warm.
Can I ask why you're so nervous every time I touch your skin? No... Your goose bumps amuse me, they make me smirk. They tell me I'm closer.
You see, you know I know everything... Everything about you, inside and out.  
I know what you hide, I know why you hide. I see why you cringe when they speak; I hear what you say when you sleep, when you swallow; when you moan. Do you not know who I am to you, what I am to you? You know I can tell them everything about you, everything about your past, your present and your future. I can see all, I can tell all; I know all.
I can see you shudder. You're a shell of a man, and you know that I know that. This is why you hide here, inside your min

A piece from a villain's perspective.

Righteous Baest: Introduction"Should I become what I was in my past, let me wilt away to the earth and die in shame.
Should I be persecuted for who I was in my past, let me stand against the torrents of doubt with unfathomable determination.
Should I allow such history as the past to craft my future, let me then become one more to the many who walk the beaten path.
Should I shame my elders with what I have become, let me turn away from their stares with pride and become persecuted.
I am who I am now, not who I was before, and let no one pass judgment upon me until the very works of time reveal what I truly have become.
Only when we remember the past do we remember to learn from our mistakes.
One life, one beginning; one end before a new life has begun. This is the way it shall always be."

Aeltrex smiled the widest grin his face could hold, as the last of The Oath fell from his scaly lips with perfect diction and timeless recitation. Under the soft glow of candlelight, the framed parchment which held the wor
  Creator: TDW Round IIIDay thirteen. Time unknown; place known and yet unknown.
I just broke through the Fourth Wall a mere four days ago… I hope they'll let me back over it when I'm done here. I can see it now, my characters all secretly plotting in that corner over there – in the back of my mind – to tie cinder blocks to my feet so I can't climb back over. Look at me and my imagination running ramped again. They haven't been hostile like I thought they would; especially when I stated who I was… Traveling with the others has been quite the experience; I can only write so much but experiencing it is another thing: a pure and exhilarating joy. However, I am perturbed by the warnings that the scouts return with. News of their enemy brings dread to the armies; so I must build their morale. I know I am no to meddle; yet I feel if I don't the entire congregation will simply melt away in a single pool of sorrow. Their world will bleed out and I will have been the one who allowed it to happen

An intriguing pair of stories in which
Kat meets her own characters.


And just a sampling of Kat's work that I particularly like. She's a talented photographer and digital artist as well. :)
To See What You Are by mindlesspuppettoy  Flawless by mindlesspuppettoy  How Did I Ever Let You Go?Dear Long Lost Friend,
I know you're not real; I know you don't breathe, but to me you're alive in every way possible.
Wherever you are, near or far, I miss you dearly; I truly do.
I know not what has happened, but I know you're not gone; you haven't left me forever.
I'm in despair for I've forgotten, there's a world somewhere where I used to be loved.
A world you used to show me, full of castles and dragons, towers and maidens; space rangers and starships; pirates and vast seas.
I really miss you; I truly do. I would never lie to you because you'd never lie to me, so this is why I must write this.
You taught me pain, happiness, empathy and so much more. You showed me how to cope with what I felt and you proved to me that forcing the end is never the answer.
Your honesty was what made me fall in love; your adventures never ending and stories always captivating.
You are truly a thing of beauty, a creature I will never understand.
Cover like a door, waiting to be opened so
  For You, Milady by mindlesspuppettoy  Child of the Forest by mindlesspuppettoy  Inspiration Isn't Always Good by mindlesspuppettoy  Take A Seat by mindlesspuppettoy  What Did You Want From Me? by mindlesspuppettoy

Thanks for reading and please go check out her page! 

CSS credit goes to:
Stock: Dragoroth-stock, little-spacey, mimose-stock, Dralliance-Stock, Dracoart-Stock, gaiastock, CAStock
Brushes: iMouritsa
Coding & graphics: kuschelirmel-stock
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