Over the Moon: Poetry + Prose (Volume #20)
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Welcome to another volume of Over the Moon, a growing collection of literature and talented deviants! I encourage you to Added to my devWatch! and Favourite Star these pieces and authors and take a look through their galleries! 

Over the Moon: Poetry + Prose (Volume #20)

The Lone Sunflowermy hands are shaking;
i'm petrified and stone
cold, but I keep typing
i'm moving, speaking to
let the ice break; A flower
wilted by lack of warmth
so I'm finally letting myself
turn towards the sun
Underswap Wedgie *It was a time in waterfall in the underswap world, the young adventurer frisk walked around one of the plank bridges over a river of water. She quietly looks around the area making sure to have left no monsters slowly sliding her knife back into her sock*
*She soon walks up looking at a sign that read "Tem Shop" she smirks a little as she walks into the beat up looking shop as she looks over at its anthro owner looks over at the girl with narrow eyes* Hoi...I was wondering why my costumers stopped coming in...I see why now. But business is business~
*The girl being the mute she was just look at the box and pointed to it implying she wanted what was inside as she stood there silently* Oh but of course...my knife brandishing friend~ *The cat girl walks over to the front of her box quietly leaning into it in her baggy grey cargo shorts and grey sweater. As she leaned her waistband to her white and grey panties showed as the adventurer girl stared quietly*
One moment.. *She said digging t
Love's Not a Tempest in the HeartLove's not a tempest in the heart.
It's gentle as the rain
that falls on springtime daffodils
or autumn's nodding grain.
It leaves the summer heat behind,
dispels the winter's storm.
Love builds a shelter for the soul
And keeps it safe from harm.

:thumb767034395: The Dance with Insomnia~This is just something I wrote after trying to sleep for the last five hours... Maybe you can relate.~
Insomnia has me in her arms,
I cannot resist her charms,
And the funny thing is, there were no alarms.
The endless nights,
The sleepless write,
I dance in the dark, I’ve lost the fight.
I tried to sleep,
Tried not to weep,
But here I sit, like another dumb sheep.
I’ve succumbed to her call,
I gave it my all,
But I’m tired of fighting, I hit a brick wall.
My brain won’t quiet,
My body does riot,
If I’m not careful, nothing stays private.
Here I shall end,
I can no longer blend,
Because, with this devil, I no longer contend.
We will dance,
Take a chance,
And tonight I gave in to her romance.
Short Story: Bathhouse TurmoilOur story begins in a dark alley, where four individuals were having a private discussion. Nightfall was nearly upon Bay Bay City, and the lighting from the orange sky prevented their faces to be shown, only their silhouettes. Two of them were identifiable. One appeared feminine, with her hair tied up in a long ponytail. Behind her was a taller male figure, hunched slightly as he stood behind the female figure. The female figure handed over a photo and a couple of tokens to one of the other figures standing in front of her.
"Take this as a deposit, or a down payment if you like," The ponytailed figure said. She then handed the figure a photo. "This is the person I want captured and brought to me. Complete the mission, and you get the rest of the payment."
"She's the one you want?" One of the figures asked. "Meh, she doesn't look so tough."
"Say what you want about her, but the goal is to capture and bring her to me. Alive," The ponytailed figure said, with emphasis on the last word. "H

LOST IN THE MIRRORAn absence of mind
The invisible dream
Eyes closed,
outside looking in
:thumb767106625: My WayThe path I walk, I know it well
it is my haven and my hell
so peaceful is my solitude
so lonely my long quiet
and in short steps of raucous crowd
in joyous song and sorrows loud
I seek the lonesome road.

art to the carnagearticulated instruments of violence
rake across the coals of evil
cruciform sigils burn into
visions of malfeasance
blazing in the light
of harvest moons
and the reaper is closing in
drawn like a shark to the
sweet smell of sin
in the waters of
wicked wishes
well down
deep underground awaits the halls of
hate laid up in Hades' great vaults
monuments built to the malice
of old gods and their spawn
children of the crop sewn
by prophets false
the wolves have now replaced the sheep
and nobody's safe from the shepherd
leading the flock to feast on
the long gone virginity of
the soil where once upon
a curse was laid
count your blessings and pray to whatever
god you believe in because the devil
is creepin' 'round the corner and
demons are cutting through the
dream we believe to be
reality, when really
we are the architects of our own demise
A cradle songLive with all your might and
keep smiling at the people
because you're not alone.
Sleep, dream at night,
don't let the nightmare ever
wake you up again...
Now sleep...
May good God always hold your
hand when the dark wind blows,
when it snatches your peace,
spreading the sadness and the despair,
remember that...
As a tear in the rain,
this whole world doesn't mean anything.
This moment now, might be the best one of
your life.
Make your own way,
because the whole point of existence
is to know how to live, without
an anesthetic, without a needless
bad thoughts of non-fulfillment.
As a tear in the rain,
this whole world doesn't mean anything.
This moment now, might be the best one of
your life.
the l wordLove is a fragile thing.
It can break a friendship.
It can break trust.
But it can,
At some point,
Build trust.
I love someone.
But he will never defeat my friendship.
No relationship
Is worth
A friendship.
I have the best friend in the world.
I cant even get into a real fight with her.
She is beautiful.
Ana, you mean the world to me. Please, never scare me, and never leave me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I would die if anything happened to you. XOXO-Annie

Happy Writing,

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