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Yep! This is most of my Fan Art! Just a little project of mine as I love making digital art. They're free to use, just don't claim it as your own. :)


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It’s already the end of Season 8, and our pink Lovehorse has only made a couple appearances… I noticed that she makes less and less appearances as the seasons go on. Which brings me up to this question: what is it with Princess Cadance? Why does she exist? What role does she have in the series?

First of all, let’s get to the brutal fact. Princess Cadance was created to sell toys. That’s fine. The show was created solely to advertise the toys. But you know who else was created to sell toys? Sunset Shimmer. And what does Sunset Shimmer have? A villainous background, character arcs, development, and even a movie centered around her. So why doesn’t Cadance get the same treatment?

I feel like the writers don’t know what to do with Cadance. She’s just… there. She’s just there to do some supporting appearances and nothing else. The series would barely be any different if she wasn’t around. We know next to nothing about her. Where does she come from? Who are her parents? What are her hobbies? Her flaws? Her weaknesses? Her ambitions and why?

We did get some of Lovehorse in the books and the comics. That’s at least a little effort. We know she was an orphaned Pegasus adopted into an Earth pony village. She defeated Prismia, and became Celestia’s niece. But this still raises some questions. Once again, where does she come from and who are her parents? Why did it took her one deed to become a princess while it took Twilight multiple roles? Cadance’s background was also summarized and passed over so quickly.

As a novelist, I made it a rule to give screentime to all of my characters, including the minor ones. I give them hobbies, flaws, likes, dislikes, personal views, and backgrounds. How much I wished the writers would do the same for Cadance. If I was given the chance to create an episode for Cadance… oh, boy. I would have so many ideas that I could never settle on one.

Perhaps the reason why I love Cadance so much is because she is a goldmine for headcannons. We know nothing about her, so we can assume a lot about her. You already know my headcannon for her. I also like to think she is a mischievous daredevil that rebels against the strict royal life and collects rare crystals. That’s more interesting than a princess that is just… nice and good.

Cadance has no personality because she has no character development. And she has no character development because she doesn’t make any important appearances. Sure, she had a role in episodes like Three’s A Crowd, Twilight’s Kingdom, and Once Upon a Zeppelin, but all these episodes revolved around Twilight. We never had a chance to know more about Cadance or what her personality is.

For once, I would love it if Cadance had an episode centered around her, not anyone else and especially not Twilight. But knowing that the series is about to reach its end, my hopes are slowly fading away. Oh well, at least I enjoyed all the episodes that our pink badass Lovehorse was in.

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pixel butterfly by SuzukiMikanThere's nothing much about me. I'm just a young adult still lost on what to decide for her future. Truth is, I want to be a lot of things and not be restricted on just one passion. DeviantArt is one of my small groups of entertainment, so I'm not online as often. I tend to use my quality free time for other passions, mostly writing what I hope to be future novels and making short animations.

pixel butterfly by SuzukiMikanI call myself decent on my digital art. I hardly ever feel good about my art. My fanart has only been Pokemon and My Little Pony, but I'm always thinking of drawing something new over time. Check out my growing gallery if you'd like. Plus, I allow my art to used. I'm also here to improve, so I also would like well and thought out criticism.

pixel butterfly by SuzukiMikanThat's pretty much all about me. I'm also willing to talk to anyone, so don't be afraid to approach me :) but please no unessential rude comments. I might be nice, but I can get angry.

pixel butterfly by SuzukiMikanDue to my limited activity, I don't draw as often as I used to. I'll still continue drawing, so always keep that in mind

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