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Installed the DeviantArt app. Hope to start using dA more in the future through the app! Also renewed my premium membership on both my accounts (this one, and snwgames)

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Ahhhhh I'm so excited I recorded the unboxing!

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New Year's Eve!

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I decided to write a little update here, although I don't think many people read this. I may not have the time later today so now seems like a good moment :) A few things I want to write about!

My second account

Rosie and the TARDIS #1 by snwgames

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere...

Right before Christmas I went premium again. It was the one where you can gift someone else a premium membership as well. Two years ago I was able to gift myself the membership. This time however that wasn't the case. So I decided to gift it to my old account "Pixellove" and was debating whether or not to turn that account into stock or something similar. But then I decided to change the name and contents of Pixellove. It's now snwgames and it's my Sims and games related account. Some of you might know that I run a Sims fansite, quite a respectable one. And since there is a small Sims community on dA, I thought, why not? My Sims stamps on that account are insanely popular (I even have one that has 1500 favourites wtf hahaha). Anyway do check out my other account if you like Sims/SimCity/Sim games. Occasionally I might post about other games too. But the main focus will be Sims. :aww:

My art blog

Random Monster by rosiesocosy

Not nearly all the artworks and doodles I create make it to my dA account, I post most of my art to my Art Tumblr. I would really like it if you check out my blog there, and perhaps even follow me. I follow back art blogs for sure! I have a lot of unique characters. I love drawing cute monsters and aliens, but I also attempt realistic stuff. I try a variety of materials in real life but you'll mostly find digital art. :)

Working on my new site

Rosana Kooymans by rosiesocosy

In 2014 I am changing a lot of things on my sites. I used to have an art blog, a 365 photography blog, a portfolio, and a future shop as well. As of 2014, all these sites are merged into one. I'll post about the new site soon, as I'm still working on some things. I need it to be perfect. But I can tell you that I will do commissions and start selling prints of my art! I will be doing so through Etsy (my handmade items and traditional drawings), and Society6 (prints). I am eager to buy Copics soon, and start working with those as well. :D

Happy New Year!

Fireworks Enjoying the Fireworks - NaNoEmo Day 7 

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. Be safe and have fun! :D See you all next year!

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Anyone here familiar with the ProCreate app on iPad? I have been drawing a lot lately. I've bought a number of apps and I even invested in new styluses and such. Now ProCreate has been crashing ever since I bought it. I am stubborn and willing to continue trying. But when an app crashes with every 1-2 brush strokes, then I just give up. Which is a shame really, because the app has SO MUCH potential. I love the app, other than the crashing bit... Below is my most recent (unfinished) drawing I did in ProCreate. And I cannot finish it cause it keeps crashing with each new brush stroke I try. I am so frustrated and angry I could cry. Sounds dramatic, but if you are just trying to create something nice, and the tools are not cooperating, you're bound to lose your mind. Really Sad

Monster Friends - Unfinished by rosanakooymans
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Intuos Stylus

1 min read
Meet my new toy!

Even though I have a proper Wacom tablet to draw on, I find myself drawing more and more on my iPad. It's convenient... Before today I used a Wacom Bamboo stylus to draw with on my iPad. But as of today I am the proud owner of a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus! :D Expect a lot of new drawings. Now let's hope ProCreate won't crash every few brushstrokes like it did earlier this week.

My new toy by rosiesocosy
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