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**These ToS are adapted from the Okasen account. Okasen is my casual account**

If you're interested in commissioning artwork from me, there are some things you'll need to know and some (not many!) rules to follow.

First off, my Wills and Will Nots:

I Will:
  • Draw humans, animals, anthro and fantasy creatures.
  • Try to draw things I never have before
  • Negotiate prices with you based on the specifics of what you request and your budget- I'm flexible!
  • Offer you a free, watermarked sketch of what you are considering commissioning so you can test the waters, so to speak. However, you may not have a non-watermarked sketch unless you pay for it. It's a sample, not a piece.
I Will Not:
  • Give you a free drawing. Don't ask. If it's ever going to happen, it will be an offer from me.
  • Give refunds. If you are unsure that you will like what you commission from me, request a free sample sketch. Unfortunately, I can't take the time back that I put into your drawing after it is done, so I cannot return what you paid.
Now, here are some rules for you (just a few!) for when you get my artwork:

  • You may use my art however you want, non-commercially. Commercially defined by me as money being given to you for art that I made.
  • You may use my art commercially if you discuss with me beforehand your plans. In general, you may use my art commercial if the main thing you're selling isn't my art- for example, you MAY use my art on trading cards that you sell with other information on them. You MAY NOT put my art on a t-shirt on zazzle and sell it, even with credit from me. Furthermore, using my art commercially may involve higher prices or an agreement to pay me based on what you sell.
  • You must always credit me with a link back to my DeviantArt or author site ( somewhere where it can be easily found by those interested. You may never claim my art is yours. Ask if you need help with the "How" of this!
  • You may not remove my signature or watermark, by image manipulation or cropping. The only instance where you may have my signature non-visible is in a thumbnail that links to the real, signed version. If you really need a non-signed version, I will provide it on my terms, which will be discussed before I ever make the artwork. Obviously book covers are non-signed by default.
  • If you think you might have a case that would be an exception to my rules, don't be afraid to ask. I am willing to negotiate on a case-by-case basis.
Payment Policy:

  • For payments over $50, I request half of the payment after giving you a sample sketch. When the piece is complete, then I will let you see the finished watermarked piece, and then give you the finished piece after full payment is recieved.
  • For payments under $50, I request payment at the time you approve my watermarked final version. I will accept the payment and send a copy sans watermark.
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