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Right or Wrong

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    "Oh, and don't forget everyone's favorite crime-fighting alliance: Sense of Right."

Legitimately, I really like the Sense of Right Alliance. :D For those unaware, it's a set of bootleg action figures. Though there are a few variants, the most popular has Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Shrek, a Power Ranger, and Lightning McQueen. I have no idea why those 6 characters, but the randomness is part of the reason why I like it. :XD: I even like the ridiculous name of the group. And it seems I'm not alone in my appreciation of the team. There's a lot of fans of it, with some even making fanart here.
I've been wanting to make some fanart of the alliance for awhile now. My first idea, which I started back in November, was of the team just standing around. I thought the idea seemed boring, so I scrapped it. I wanted to go for something more dynamic. I went with replicating the iconic Avengers assemble circle. It made sense, as there's 6 members in each team, and it would be a funny homage. I tried my best to have each SoRA member replace an appropriate Avenger. Blue-clad boy scout Captain America became Superman, playboy millionaire Iron Man became Batman, arachnid-themed hero Black Widow became Spider-Man, big green guy Hulk became Shrek, non-human God of Thunder Thor became Lightning McQueen, and weapon-wielding Hawkeye became a Power Ranger. I also tried my best to replicate the coloring and styles of the works the action figures were based on (e.g. Batman was based on his Batman: The Animated Series design), but add my own twists, such as the colored outlines. Likewise, I did my best to replicate the background of that shot, from the windows to the car to the fire to the smoke. Took a lot of effort, but it was worth it.
And since April Fool's Day is when I normally submit my more tongue-in-cheek drawings, I thought now would be a good time to debut it. :D Now go and fight our heroes !

Inspired by the Avenges theme

Spider-Man (c) Marvel
Lightning McQueen (c) PIXAR
Superman and Batman (c) DC Comics
Shrek (c) Dreamworks
Yellow Ranger (c) Saban

UPDATE: With over 50 faves in just a couple of days, I can safely say that this is my best April Fool's drawing so far. :w00t:


Comments are highly appreciated. Consider following me if you like my drawings. :D
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I would pay money if this was an actual movie

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hah clever

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........................................................This is complete perfection.

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JonTron: Everyones here Batman, Superman, Sh..Shrek? a Car? Uh no...

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I love this piece. :XD:
Also, is that Japanese Spider-Man I'm seeing? Oops! 
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Thank you, Jaime! :D
It's meant to be 90s animated Spidey, but I can see the similarities to Japanese Spidey, with the very visible web shooter. Kinda regretting not making him Japanese Spidey now. :XD: I mean, he'd hardly be the weirdest thing in this drawing.
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Whoa awesome bro 
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Oh my gosh, you even mentioned JonTron's quote about Sense of Right! You are a LEGEND!!!! :XD:
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Thank you, Gustavo! :D
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Hahaha and how you add gifs in comments?
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Go to replies and you'll find it.

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Lightning McQueen is red. Just saying.
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Oh, I know that. =P It's just that, for whatever reason, the company that made the toys made him blue, so I kept that design aspect. There's also a version of the toys where he and the Power Ranger are yellow, which is why I went with a Yellow Ranger for this drawing.
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Okay. I get that.
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