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Welcome to the annual MYO contest!

This is the second MYO, let's hope this year goes even better! A new feature this year is the ability to design Rosebuds along with Rosales!

Your judges this year will be :iconroccoco-co:, :iconspottedfawns:, and :iconlynstrommr:, with prizes from all three of us!


Before you do anything, check out the Rosales weebly!
All the information you need on the species itself can be found here.

-You'll be designing the Forest Variant only for this contest
-You must draw one fullbody, coloured image for your entry. It can be digital or traditional. An outfit is required for Rosales, and at least one accessory for Rosebuds. 
-You can draw multiple images and outfits for one Rosales/Rosebud
-Entries are unlimited! Only one will be eligible to win though
-The art must be by you, no bases. Friends may help you with the design though!
-You may not change or add variants to your Rosales/Rosebud once it's been made official (outside of special occasions)
-You may trade or gift your Rosales/Rosebud, but please don't resell for more than you paid (commissions etc)

UPDATE: The contest ends July 15!


Entries will be judged on originality, effort, and creativity. Detailed backgrounds and personalities are encouraged and will greatly increase your chances of winning. Art will not be judged on skill alone, but the effort put into it.

There's an unlimited amount of winners in each category, with Rosales and Rosebuds being judged separately. The more entries = The more winners! New prizes may be added.

Overall Winner:
The overall winner is the best judged entry between both Rosebuds and Rosales. Only one person may win this. They will get both a Rosebud and Rosales form of their entry, an incredibly rare opportunity! They'll also win:
+Their entry drawn on both the Rosales and Rosebud bases
+Their entry drawn on the chibi bases
+Chibis from all three judges! Examples:
Roccoco-Co (x), lynstrommr (x), spottedfawns (coming soon!)

First Place:
Winners of both categories will have their entries drawn on the official bases!

Runners Up:
Runners up will receive their entries drawn on the chibi bases!

Honourable Mentions:
Anyone in the honourable mention category will be able to keep their Rosales/Rosebud for free!

Those who don't win will be able to make their entry official for a small fee, more details once the contest ends!


-Please go here for a simple overview of Rosales/Rosebud Traits!
-A more indepth guide can be found at the weebly

About Traits:

You begin the contest with only common traits available, and earn uncommon, rare, and very rare traits by performing various tasks. You can put all your earned traits on one entry, or spread them out across multiple entries.

This way I can let you know the exact amount of traits available to you, and avoid confusion. If you've been referred please also comment there!

Uncommon Traits:
-Advertising anywhere on dA earns you one uncommon trait (journals, polls). You may advertise as many times as you want but can only earn one trait per week using this method.

-Referring others to the group will also earn you an uncommon trait. They must actually join the group and provide proof! You'll receive one trait per person.

Rare Traits:
-Advertising on three additional websites outside of dA will earn you one rare trait, and you may earn one a week.

-If you can convince one person to join the contest, you may earn a rare trait. They must actually submit an entry along with providing proof! You earn one trait per person.

Very Rare Traits:
-If you manage to earn 2 uncommon traits + 1 rare trait, you may trade them in for a very rare trait. This can be done as many times as you want, providing you can earn the points! Please comment in the above to confirm!

Alright, I've read over everything, now what?

When you're done with your entry/entries, submit them to deviantART and add them to the group folder 'MYO Contest 2015'

In your description, include any background/personality information, along with a list of traits you've given your Rosales/Rosebud! You should also include a link to this journal.

I also recommend checking out last year's entries for inspiration!

And that's it, good luck! If you have any questions please comment!
© 2015 - 2021 rosales-garden
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7thCuil's avatar
is everything alright? the contest ended a few months ago...
sleeplessKings's avatar
still wondering about this ;  v;
YuriKitten's avatar
is curious about this eheh :iconwalrusuhhuhplz:
Simonetry's avatar
same wonders as the question under -vvvvvv
LavvytheJackalope's avatar
I hope I'm not being too impatient! But do we know when the judging might be finished? ^^
YuriKitten's avatar
We have until 11:59 pm to submit?
Roccoco-Co's avatar
I'll be posting an official journal sometime tomorrow morning most likely (it'll work out best for everyone due to timezones haha), so you have about 12-15 hours to get your submission in (:
YuriKitten's avatar
ok sweet Finished the Rosales!!
sketched a Rosebud, dunno if Ill get it lined XD
are colored sketches alright for entries ? If not tis cool ^^

Oh and not sure if supposed to post on the other journal, but i will be using my super rare trait for the Bud , Lilac flowers :3
Roccoco-Co's avatar
as long as the sketch is clear and tidy it's fine!
YuriKitten's avatar
I lined it quickly hehe !!
now to write up bios D:
but boyfriend wants me to get off so hopefully I have the time in the morning xD
SundaeBird's avatar
Hi. My friend parfaitpichu invited me to your group 8D
safyia110's avatar
Contests! July

Good luck with your contest!
EntomaVI's avatar
Most definitely joining! 
Here's my journal advertising for it!
Roccoco-Co's avatar
please comment over on the trait tracker!! there's a link in the journal :3
EntomaVI's avatar
CrystalBerri's avatar
Joining!~ Here is a journal for it. Amu Hinamori (Wink) [V1] 
CrystalBerri's avatar
YuriKitten's avatar
Question :3

for the fur can that have gradient in it or is that rare too?
Roccoco-Co's avatar
gradients are fine on fur!
YuriKitten's avatar
ehe sorry didnt think of this until now ,
but what about on skin?
like if i want the finger tips to be a different color?

Also can spots/freckles be any color ?
Roccoco-Co's avatar
both the skin and spots can be any colour!
YuriKitten's avatar
Striving for the vary rare trait !!!!!!!!

Has an idea for a buttercup bby !!!
LavvytheJackalope's avatar
Rosales are described as having delicate body types; is it possible to have a kinda chubby rosales? Or are they all willowy?
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