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Dapple brush

A few people have requested this, so I thought I'd oblige! This is the 'cheating' way for me to do dapples, if I have a lot of time I'll hand draw each individually, but this is a set that I'd already hand drawn. It does lack individuality though, if you want closer/more spaced/oddly shaped dapples, this isn't the way to go.

You can also see a couple of examples of how I use dapples :)
Again it isn't the most perfect or beautiful method, but it's fast and it gives the impression of dapples :XD:

I do not require you to credit me on every piece that you do, however please do be sure to link back to this page if anybody asks how you made the dapples!

Made in Photoshop CS3 - I have no idea how it will translate onto other programs or variants of Photoshop.
© 2013 - 2021 Rosalaun
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It works in Photopea!

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Does anybody know if this would work on Medibang Paint Pro? <3

Just an FYI they don't open in Clip studio

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thank you for this ♥

Omg this looks so amazing !! I'm having trouble downloading would u mind sending it through Gmail or something ? :)

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Do these work on Krita?

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Hi, when I try download this DA gives me an error?
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Clear your cache this happens with it’s just a screw up

would you be willing to submit a png version of this? transparent background, idea brush size by canvas, etc.
its just i use procreate and i can’t necessarily use an .abr with it
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Used here, thank you!
  Merman [Underequine] by Leigh-Fleur
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Do you have PNG version of this brush?
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there is a program called abrmate with can convert abr brushes to a png file (:
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I know, but it crashes everytime I try to convert
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mhm there is another program as well called abrviewer, I personally was too dumb to install it, but maybe that might work for you? Or I can simply send you the png file if that is alright with the creator
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where do i place this in my photoshop folders?
I put it in brushes but it's not showing up lol idk what I'm doing
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Used here, love your brush!!
FoxxyLadytiff by Amibka89
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Really great resource, thank you!! <3<3

Used here:  draft horse by thefamilybusiness .
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Thanks, glad it's helpful!
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