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First photo-realistic sketch with Photoshop and my new wacom tablet.

Now that some time has passed from the first drawing of Alice, I thought I'd edit it a bit with some things and added (like the eye, background and the color scene).

I hope you like it and appreciate your comments.


If you click here you could see Alice before the latest adjustments :
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that is amazing! Well done
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thank you so much, i'm glad u like!
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Who is Alice B? The face is something I recognize (sort of) and now it's driving me nuts because it's familiar. Nice work btw.
thats some fine only crit would be her right eye.seems just a tad far from the center line of her face.
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thank you so much for your comment and critique; I followed your advice and I redraw the right eye, take a look. ola
i'm really glad i could help in a small way.your art is fantastic and its a credit to your artistic maturity that you can take a critique .some people get so bent outa shape when you say something ,but you cant grow if you dont know.thanks for sending the link .
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there's no problem man, i'm here for that! thanks for what you write. I believe that if you do not accept the advice would be completely useless in a comunity, right? sorry for my english.. and u'r welcome whenever you want to see and comment my art. ola
you are very right.and if you see something amiss in my art please leave a comment.
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