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The Spectres "Blood, Sweat & Nitro" CD: (Crazy Love)

The second revved up Spectres-brawl is served with grease, oil, nitro, adrenaline, and a little bit o' blood, and I must say that this album is one fine, mean Rockabilly machine. As much as I enjoyed their debut album, "Rubber Room Rock", this second (and last) album is more amped, more psychotronic, more psychobilly, speedier, with a darker, yet country-blues influence. Beginning with their dark romantic tune "Hellbent", where there is:

"Ice cold blood runnin' through her veins
Just one kiss will drive a man insane
just one touch and you're a total wreck
as you feel those teeth
sink into your neck"

A better noir-abilly tune introduction is just not possible, really keeping your cloven-hoofed dancing toes a-tappin'.......

Next, "'57 Deathtrip" really keeps that opaque theme strong , as the dare-devil rides through the flaming fields of psychobilly-land, on a Death Trip beyond the borders of sanity;

"I'm on a '57 Deathtrip got my razor by my side
I don't care if they catch me
You know I ain't afraid to die....

From Memphis to Houston you know
They're gonna know my name
I may not live to see tomorrow
Guess that's the price I'll have to pay

Heading down that lonesome highway
Got the devil on my back screamin'
Down the road to nowhere
and I ain't never comin' back
I'm on a 57 Deathtrip..."

This tune really is my favorite track on this album..I reckon it's too god-awful mean to dislike and too bold to overpower....In essence, it's too barbaric and heathen for this lad to not love....It's like wrassling with Grizzly Adam's pet bear, that all-mighty song gonna win over in that particular bout

Afterwards, we are witnesses of the addictive rockabilly beat of "Pick Your Poison", which is a great showcase for the bands diabolic dark comedic brilliance, where:

"Kinky sex might be your thing
or money, wealth and power
You could go on a shooting spree
Be famous for an hour....

Cocaine and heroin, terrorizing movie stars
Busting heads and drinkin' beer
Motorbikes and hot-rod cars,
Everybody's got their vices
but there ain't no original sins..."

This tune is the Kali-Yuga showtheme of the 21st century, and really makes you want to read the "Wordly Week News" about Alien Zombies on Steroids while dancing to the manic beat of american diet pill addicts with pompadours from the planet Uranus....

Next, "Dragstrip Demon" kidnaps you and takes you in a high velocity race with the state troopers, because you are too goddamn greased up and psychobilly to pull over for the "men in blue":

"They drive big-block Chev's and tri-power flatheads
Grease up under their claws, big bat wings
and eyes like fire, oil dripping from their jaws
Greasy jeans and big black boots, psychotronic style
Every Saturday night they go down to the race
at hell's own quarter-mile

....Dragstrip demon hell on wheels
Dragstrip demon tires squeal"

"Voodoo Doll" follows, which I was duly impressed by, it really is the kind of tune to waltz with your psychobilly baby doll with, bringing back old golden age memoirs of rock and roll music in it's heyday. It's a slow ballad that even Elvis would be jealous of, and shows the multifaceted hellbilly genius of The Spectres....

Next, "Mad Machine" takes us back to the psychobilly dragstrip, where the nitro is mixed with kentucky bourbon and served on cocktail trays and blood is blended into the Grand Texas Chili Cook-Off of the Apocalypse:

"Out on the town hunting for fresh meat
Loaded .45 stuffed under the seat
Revvin' up the engine & I'm ready to race
Head spinning 'round like outer space
Speedin' down the road in the middle of the night
Sexy little honey off to my right
I'm a mean mean man in my automobile
Engine revs and the tires squeal

I'm mad in my mad machine
Carburetor sucking gasoline
Hell-on-wheels nitro fiend"

Afterwards, "Daddy Goin' Crazy" brings back memories of Stanley Kubrick's film "The Shining", and is a really funny tune, giving me a sinister chuckle as my goat hooves tap on the dance floor to this frantic feverish fandango:

"In the empty ballroom he sits and types away
But he ain't written nothing yet except
'all work and no play'

There's blood in the elevator and bodies in the bath
and creepy little twins who say dad's a psychopath.."

Next is another slower song "Neck Romantic", with a similiar tempo as "Voodoo Doll", and crawls and slithers through the foggy paths of some backwoods graveyard, and is another great gothic-billy ditty finer than the twilight of New York City.....

Afterwards, the cunning country western meets psychobilly tune, "Bloodsuckin' Cowboy" really stands out as one that is both brilliantly funny and musically superb, proving that The Spectres are one of the best rockabilly outfits to come out of the USA and definitely a serious rival to many of the European competitors, even the Germans, who are well-known for playing some wicked psychobilly madness....

Next, "From Beyond " is a Sado-Masochistic influenced vintage style rockabilly tune from the farthest edges of Venus, where a dominatrix vixen webs her black widow web with malicious musical intent....The throbbing beat heard in this tune takes you back to the times of Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent and Jerry Lee Lewis...

Afterwards, the theme song of the album, "Blood, Sweat and Nitro", delivers an old school rockabilly instrumental with surf rock influences......J.R.'s drumming and Jesse James Junior's lead guitar, complimented by Austin's big bass boom-boom really make you want to shake a greaser leg....

Next, The Spectres are back to their dark comedy thrills, pulling new tricks out of their greasy sleeves, as "Did It For Elvis" takes you on a Holy Mecca to Graceland, where all infidels meet a grisly fate, as the Holy Graceland is purified of all nonbeleivers:

"Well I went down to Graceland in 1993
I signed up for the tour and I went on quite a spree
I stained the walls and ceiling, the jungle room turned red
the tourists all ran screaming and the tour guide lost his head

And I did it for Elvis, for the once and future king
Tell all the unbelievers it's the day of reckoning
I did it for Elvis, Guess I kind of lost control
That's why I Kill! Kill! Kill!
For the king of rock & roll"

And why not? Musical avatars are often worth killing for, are they not???

Afterwards, "Just Enough Rope" takes us back to that country western sound that we heard in "Bloodsuckin' Cowboy", causing us to imagine that we are galloping through the sage brush and yucca of the southwest, on a quest for outlaw's vengeance:

"A dry killing wind blows across the desert floor
I've walked 100 miles
Now it's just a couple more
They put a rope around my neck
and put me in the ground
But you know what,
They say you can't keep a good man down...."

The country western tempo speeds up after this and turns into psychobilly dragstrip mania, where:

"They dragged me through the desert
Left me in a shallow grave
Said I was an outlaw
Thought my hanging made them brave
They left me for a corpse
For the vultures and the rats
Yeah they thought they put me down
But now I'm back..."

This evil tune is one to snicker to deliriously, while speeding over a cliff, somewhere near the Rio Grande....

Lastly, we are treated to a bonus track, a groovy cover of The Misfits "Vampira".....This concludes a grand rockabilly jubillee of an album, one that makes you want to dance with moonshine intoxicated methodist preachers with rattlers in each caloused hand, and yee-howl at the full moon like a rabid blue tic hound from the dark hollers of twilight Appalachia....

Reviewed by Bill Bixby AKA Rory "Beelzeebubba" Dubhdara
(formerly known as "The Incredible Hulk: You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry")…
While visiting old friends and family in the city of rain and fog I heard about the infamous British Demented Are Go playing at Graceland in Seattle (on a Saturday evening June 22nd, 2002), at the biggest Rockabilly venue on the West Coast... A list of approximately ten Psycho/Rockabilly acts were slated to play this show, but due to more pressing matters I was unfortunately unable to show up until the end of the night, in order to see, the band of all bands, the hair-raising Psychobilly-power and incomparably intense Demented Are Go, so I was crestfallen to arrive, only to discover that Demented Are Go had cancelled their tour!!! Goddamnit! #@$%^%$#@# !!!! But just in time to lessen my pain, local Psychobilly bandits The Spectres took the stage as the last band of the show and really lifted my spirits... With a very exaggerated yet enjoyable Texan-style theatrical stage presence (the lead singer, only known as "Jesse James" wears a crazy black cowboy hat and speaks in a pseudo-Texan "ya'll" accent, even though he/they are all from Seattle) and strong Psychobilly influences they rode through the highway of noir Rockabilly sound like bandits from another world... Playing favorite hits like from their debut CD Rubber Room Rock and many from the new album Blood, Sweat and Nitro, songs like 'Bad JuJu', 'Did It For Elvis', 'Pick Your Poison', 'Tombstone Boogie', 'Me And My Cannibal Baby', 'Neck Romantic', 'Hot Lil' Hellcat', 'Voodoo Doll', 'I'm Not Afraid To Die', 'Bullit Train', 'Hotrod to Hell', a great cover of Johnny Cash's 'Long Black Veil', Hank Williams Jr.'s 'Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound' and even playing great covers of the Misfits 'Vampira' and 'Teenagers from Mars' (my only criticism here is that the show would have been even better had they done a cover of Misfits 'American Nightmare'!)... But what really made my evening was their 'I Can't Be Satisfied', a true wanderer's theme (and mine, of course!) about the true barbarian nomad heathen way; "60 Women knocking on my door, but I just want 60 more!"

At the end of the night, The Spectres are a blast, and a must see and hear. Check them out, while you can, so with all the aforementioned , I felt the need to let ya'll know about the latest album by these Hellbilly hounds of the dark hollers of Yee-howl Land....

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