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Why Hire a Patent Attorney in Miami Do You Need To Hire A Patent Attorney Miami?Congratulations on creating a unique idea or prototype that will make you rich. Of course, before any investors get to hear about it, you need to protect your intellectual property. That's where hiring a patent attorney Miami will come in handy. Here's what you need to know about patent attorneys and why you need to hire one. What Can Patent Attorneys Do For You?Not every lawyer is able to file a patent. To file a patent on behalf of an inventor, regardless of whether it's provisional or not, a patent attorney must pass all the requirements provided by the patent office. The attorney must possess educational background or certification in a technical niche. They can be scientists, programmers, technicians and engineers who have attended law school and passed the state bar exam as well as the patent bar exam.Do You Need A Patent Attorney Miami?As an inventor, you don't necessarily need a patent attorney to file a patent. You can always do it on your own but it might not be the best idea. Writing a patent is quite difficult because you have to convey the technical details of your invention and also apply for a patent that protects your new idea or invention completely.Keep in mind that patent law is very technical with too many subjects to consider. You might imagine your invention to be simple but writing or applying the patent on your own is quite risky. Of course, you can always hire the patent attorney to consult while you're applying for the patent. It's a cheaper way of getting the best legal advice on your patent application without necessarily keeping the attorney on your payroll.On the other hand, you can apply for a provisional patent where you have a year to make the formal patent application. Of course, applying for the provisional patent is easier since it lacks many of the formalities required with the official application. One of the advantages of using it includes the fact that you can present your potential investors with the idea along with the patent. Also, with the provisional patent, you can wait for the investors to provide funding before paying a patent lawyer to make the official application.How To Find A Good Patent AttorneyCurrently, you can use numerous tools available online to find a good patent attorney. You can Google to issue every pending and issued patent and the lawyers associated with the filing. Therefore, you can use this information to find attorneys who work in the specific field or niche of your invention. You should also look at the claims listed on the patent. Note that, the value of the patent is determined by the claims so you can always find attorneys associated with that. On the other hand, if you know someone who recently applied for a patent successfully, you can always ask for a referral to the attorney they hired.  Ask about their experience working with the attorney and if everything looks good, your patent application is in good hands.

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