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Connect to #1 local keys maker at a tap of button Where exactly can you make key copies?Losing your main set of home or car keys can be a huge hassle. If that does happen though, it would be a smart idea to make a copy of those lost keys as soon as you can. Spare keys are a must, especially since any one of your keys may become misplaced or broken in the near future. So where to make key copies, anyway? Well, there are a bunch of places that can help you out, whenever you need to make replacement copies of your any of keys for your doors.Hardware storeIf you just need a basic set of keys duplicated, and if you want to do it a very cheap price, then you can just head over to your nearest hardware store. There is usually a kiosk or a key duplication counter that you can go to. And this is where to make key copies. You can usually only make copies of very keys at these places. If you have just lost your home keys, then going to a hardware store would be your best option.By calling Keys Maker Near MeIf you are wondering if there is another place where to make key copies, then you can head over to a key or a locksmith. By going to a key smith, then you can get a key replacement for virtually any kind of keys that you need. A key smith can duplicate standard basic keys to more complicated set of keys. And you can even choose from a wider selection of key blanks from the key smith as well. The prices at a key smith will vary depending on the type and size of the keys that you want to make copies of. It may range from just $1 all the way up to more than $100.Car dealershipIf you are looking to replace your lost or broken car keys that are a bit more advanced, then you should go on ahead and contact the car dealership where you purchased your vehicle from. You would usually need to show proof of ownership of your vehicle. But you would not have to show the old copy of your car keys since the car dealership would usually have it on record. The car dealership would usually only handle making copies of more advanced car keys, such as a transponder key. And it is because of that they would usually charge a higher price, and also it would take a bit more time to get your replacement keys too.These are some of the places to go to if you need to find where to make key copies. If you ever misplace your main set of keys, and are locked out of your home, then you can go to these places to get a new set of spare ones being made. You just have to present a copy of your spare keys to them, and they should be able to duplicate a new set for you within a reasonable amount of time. And be sure to get more than one set of spare keys duplicated since you never know when an extra set of keys to your home or car could be useful.

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