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Swoop Homes - Tiny Homes Why Tiny Homes Have Become So PopularIt is common for the average person to spend thirty percent of their income or more on just their housing costs. More and more people are seeing this as a waste of their earnings and also enjoy living a much simpler life. At first it may seem like an odd idea, but the more that you learn about it the more likely it is that you will see the benefits of living in a tiny home.One of the most popular features that a tiny home can have is the ability to take it where ever you go. Purchasing a motorhome can be extremely expensive, totaling in the tens of thousands, but building or buying a tin home can be extremely affordable. In fact, many tiny homes are less than $5,000. The key is to consider whether or not you have the skills to build one. If not, and you don't want to take the time to learn, there are many outlets in which they can be purchased.You should also consider just how little space you can tolerate living in. To have a tiny home on wheels it essentially needs to be less than 160 square feet to be legal on the road. For some people that simply is too small, but there are a number of ways to maximize the living space. Doing some research in tricks that others have used can leave you with far more space than you might have imagined.One great way to reduce clutter and open up floor space is to using shelving instead of cabinets. Not only will you have more total space available, but it will leave the space feeling more open and spacious. The appearance of a room can vary a great deal based on the type of storage systems that are used.Another great option for increasing available floor space is to make sure that all pieces of furniture have multiple uses. This can take some creativity, but with a little thought you can find multiple uses for just about anything. For example, one tiny home builder created a system of using the stairs that lead up to the sleeping quarters as a bookshelf, seating, storage cubby and a closet. Clearly, this maximization of uses shows just how much more that can be done with less.Last, but not least, is the fact that you will no longer be paying a rent or mortgage. Reducing bills to such a degree is highly beneficial, especially for those looking to build wealth or those who simply do not desire to spend their lives working for someone else. Having this major reduction in expenses can change a person's outlook on life and focus on things they find to be more important.Tiny homes have become increasingly popular in recent years. They give people the opportunity to simplify their lives, reduce clutter and save tons of money each year on living costs. If this is something you are considering you just want to be sure that you plan heavily so that you can enjoy the transition as much as possible.

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