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I ask my fellow man if I should really understand why I give and take and live to make the many mistakes I can.
I am I still a student and God is still my teacher. All these problems are a test til I instill the features of the creature when I meet you.
Dead bodies burning, city on fire, I call you hypocrites after you call on me a liar because I saw the world expire from the top view of a spire cause the people on the planet tend to call the creature "sire."
The wire, the nerves in my flesh still tingle while I am in public, while I go and try to intermingle. A blunt force cold chill ices up my spine when I see the bold line so I leave them and my dust behind.
In my pockets there's an absence of verde, people notice so I focus on what I heard them say. I listen to words so shitty, my presence invokes pity, so leave again to a high point I like sitting. They worry for my safety, no, they worry for their money. They think I'll fall and write subpoena's and treat the situation funny.
I g
:iconrorousha:Rorousha 0 0
All I hear is static
All I see is shadow
All I taste is dust
All I smell is foul
All I feel is regret
All I know is disdain
All I ever wanted was for my smile to remain
But my smile is long gone
Because I've always been wrong
My inside is filled with holes
Stabbed infinite by seven prongs
I've lost each battle I was in
Ever since I don't know when
Not because I'm a christian, but like Christ
I'm tainted by sins of other men
So what is left for me to see
To taste, to touch, to hear, to breathe
I believe there is nothing left so then
I'll never walk through shit again
If I wash my feet and rinse my hands
Will I still be the same as before I began?
My 7th sense may tell me when
If I am to ever smile again
:iconrorousha:Rorousha 0 0
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I watch from afar as life gets breathed back into old playing grounds and I wish that I were there, or wish I didn't care. See, the problem is I don't want to cause unwanted drama just by rearing up my head and throwing myself into the fray. I watch from a distance, longing to show my support and let old friends know I care. But what if I'm not taken back with open arms? Am I really prepared for more destruction of my ego? I can easily avoid those who I know my presence may stir up trouble, and I still love them dearly, I don't want to cause an uproar again. And I there are still others I'm not even sure about... I just don't want to feel fear again, and I want to go back to doing what I once loved without being so depressed around everyone all the time.


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