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Chinese mythology 3

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I love this. The colors you used are fantastic and I really like the textures as well. Well done:)
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Is that Xi Wang Mu?
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This is wonderful
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Very nice! I love the rich blues and that orange scarf! Just wonderful.
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Wow! Great rendering skills. You put so much detail in into the background too! Great job!
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So beautiful.
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I love the details! And colours.
What's this myth about may I ask? 'Cause I don't actually recall any I know :P
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Maybe is Xi Wang-mu (西王母, Queen Mother of the West ). In "Classic of Mountains and Seas"《山海經》), you can find 3 passages about  Xi Wang-mu and 1 passages about her familiars Three Blue Birds (三青鳥)


First passage is about Wang-mu's image and her power. She command plague, slaughter and retribution. 
(After, Chinese believe she also command the Death and Immortality.)

Second passage said looks like this art. she rest on a couch and wore decorations (shenˋ 勝, now is no idea, just guess it maybe image the power)。she had Three Blue Birds (三青鳥) to served her.

the last passage is about her domain and some image. Some ones are like the first, other are not. The Key word have "rad water" "black water" "white" and "volcano". In old time, white color and tiger are both symbol the west.


this passage is about Three Blue Birds, they have red head and black eyes , first named Big Yellowbird,  second named yang Yellowbird, and less named is Blue Bird. So the birds have three named three blue bird, but two birds looks like Orange, red and yellow pastel color.
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I had tried everything I was able to regain my independence using this I was able to fill a void in my life you are perfect for this
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Oh it's stunning! Absolutely amazing; you're a fantastic artist !
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I had reached the end of the line now I dont feel bad about spending my money now everyone recognizes me believe me the sky is the limit
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Splendid!! *O*
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It's so beautiful,my compliment :-)
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This is so beautiful!!  <33
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thank you! : )
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