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Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters.

By Roro102900
If anyone doesn't get the joke, just watch this:…
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I wouldn't give Chowdah any Pokémon. Why? Chowdah is a Pokémon. 
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i took popplio as my starter and he's great
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You take the moon and you take the sun
Roro102900's avatar
You take everything that seems like Pokémon.
Kukiie's avatar
Popplio's 3rd evolution actually looks beautiful
sawnikheoghehg's avatar
holy crap chowder is me 11/10
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I like all three of them.
Well, I want to like Litten, I mean, it's a little kitty and it's probably going to be a tiger judging by the stripe patterns (and I LOVE tigers), looks too much like a mix between Grumpy Cat and Asch the Bloody to me, and that in itself is quite the thought.
Roro102900's avatar
Yeah, I like all three of them too.
I don't really know who's Asch the Bloody is. It looks more like Shadow the Hedgehog to me.
DaydreamDragon371's avatar
He's just a clone-hating guy from an action-JRPG with red hair and black clothes with red embroidery who's always angry. He actually does look a lot like a human design for Litten. :XD:
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I love the Water Starters. =3
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I'd pick Popplio too. Then again, I always pick water-type starters.
Roro102900's avatar
Yeah, I usually pick the water-type starters too.
IraqandRussia's avatar
I'm going to choose Rowlet, mostly because I always choose the grass starter :3
Roro102900's avatar
I'd choose Litten if I only got one game. If I had both, I wouldn't know if I should pick Popplio or Rowlet.
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I love these three but I think I'm picking Rowlet myself.
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Yeah, same. I'd probably pick Litten if I'd get one of the games, but I love the other two too.
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Chowder is me xD
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