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Mario Kart Controversy Meme



Favorite Character- Mario, Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette
Yeah, a lot isn't it? Sweating a little...
Despised Character- Pink Gold Peach
She's a useless character with people like Diddy Kong, Birdo or Bowser Jr deserves it more.
Favorite Course- Yoshi Valley
I don't know why Nintendo hasn't made another course like this. This course is awesome!
Despised Course- None
I like every course. Sweating a little...
Favorite Item- Bullet Bill
Yeah, kinda obvious isn't it?
Despised Item- POW Block
Why does such an item exists? It annoys you and happens at LEAST 3 times each race. (Unless you're very lucky.)
Favorite Game- Mario Kart 8
It's not official, but for now, I guess its my favorite.
Despised Game- Mario Kart: Super Circuit
I also love this game. It's just my least favorite.
Favorite Kart- Red Fire
I guess. I (used to have) a toy of it.
Despised Kart- IDK
Who cares anyway? :P
Most Overrated Item- IDK
I can't really think of an overrated item...
Most Underrated Item- Thunder Cloud
Alright, its not that bad. It increases your acceleration and speed before you get hit.
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The POW Block is good when you're using it, but it's rare to get your hands on one, and you have to be anywhere from 5th to 9th place in order to obtain the item.