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Fur Wig Tutorial

By Rorek
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A couple of different people have asked me to make a tutorial next time I made a wig. Well, I got this pretty pink fur and wanted to make a wig for Ichigo from it, so I went ahead and took pictures along the way. I hope this is helpful to anyone who wants to make wigs. Ichigo's wig pattern was custom fitted for him, using a different pattern as a template. The original pattern can be found here, compliments of Undead Threads.

Ichigo is an Asian styled ball-jointed doll. His mold is Volks Ko-Tenshi Tsubaki. Ichigo and all rights associated with him belong to me, Rorek.

It looks like Undead Threads is down for the moment, so I've put the patterns on my photobucket for the time being.
SD Wig, MSD Wig, Yo-SD Wig
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this is really useful! thank you. where do you buy your faux fur from?
Besulalea's avatar
WOW!!! VERY HELPFUL!!! Thank you sooo much for making this!!! =^________^=
kutiekitsune213's avatar
I saw this on a cosplay site on wig making and thought it was a tutorial for a real wig, not a doll's.. Would've liked that to have been the case..
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where did you bought this fur? I can't find a shop :(
RifmoreStudios's avatar
You can get that from Micheal's 
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Thank you SO much for this. :D
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Do you think I could adapt this to a fursuit/costume head?
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Do you know how to find a pattern for a SD size doll?
lil-saph-fox's avatar
this is the most useful thing I've found in the inter-webs about that topic, thank you alot :"3
Free-Falling's avatar
Any idea how well this would work for a normal sized human being? :P I'm sure there's some cool cosplay wigs you could make that way!
Rorek's avatar
I think I could work, but there are probably better ways in full scale verses 1/3, 1/4, etc. It's a little easier to fudge the details on the smaller scale, where the fur is proportionally much thicker.
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if the front and the back of the wig are the same then wouldn't the fabric get in the dolls eyes?
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Theoretically yes, but the custom fit of the side, and general shape of the doll's head usually prevents this. Some styling is necessary, and you may find that you need to alter the pattern for a better fit for your doll.
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Awesome tutorial. I used your technique here: [link]
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Thank you! It looks like your Cat girl turned out nicely. :]
Scarletfrost's avatar
Thanks. She's a silver fox, actually. XP
Rorek's avatar
Ah my apologies, I think everything is a cat. :P She turned out cute regardless.
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do you know what brand the fur is XD
whenever i look for faux fur,its always very very short!
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The fur that I have used, I've ordered online from Distinctive Fabrics. They have short and longpile furs. The ones I've used are considered short, and work best for short fluffy wigs. If you want longer like this pink, that is a longer pile fur. Occasionally I find the faux furs in local fabric stores, usually leading up to Halloween.
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ah,thanks. that's very helpful :3
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wow!!! dis is really helpful... it saves a lot of money... imma try doin dis doh i suck at stitching XD
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