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Hey, guys its been a minute since I've posted anything in art and Journals so sorry for that ^^;

over the course of 3-4 months, I've been studying even further with peeps who know more about Sega and much more than me and it's brought me to some more observations
it really does seem that SoA ( like in my previous Journal ) does care about western canon and they did before during the comic book drama since they did want Sally Acorn around, and it's apparent that they really are not masterminds of the sonic franchise, it seems apparent that all they do is just approve shit but it often leads to trouble, like how they approved IDW to make a comic when UDON was supposed to do it cause they wanted to bring stuff we loved back but IDW was being a vulture and picked off the remains and got the contract with Sega ( and boy is that backfiring right now as IDW is now is sinking hard and so is the comic book industry ) and right now during this stupid Covid-19 and Comic book industry collapse its a total war between the Ian Flynn defenders and fans/IDW fans and the Archie/True Fans ( im in the category of wanting to see western canon return along with Sonally and the FF ) and also a guy just did an observation himself that I posted in my status about points on Archie Vs IDW, but now here will be some questions ill try to answer to the best of my ability with evidence if it can be found.


1. How is it that Sega is not in control? how can they be only approving if they own Sonic?

Well if you observed over the years it's mostly the fans demanding things like Classic Sonic and using the boost mechanic instead of using the
SA formula to make good games, plus Sega had faith in IDW to make a good Sonic comic before but then peeps like the Official Sonic twitter and Aaron Webber who don't like Ian anymore so that one. ( there really isn't any articles on it but just observe closely and judge for yourself ) plus Sonic is just an IP that was made by them and made by Yuji Uekawa, DiC entertainment and Naoto Oshima. Just a lot of the times they listen to fan demand to put it short and also Sonic Team who make the REAL moves, not Sega.

2. Then why are Sally and the freedom fighters not returning? isn't Ian Flynn gonna bring them back?

Ian Flynns been now known for lying his ass off to keep up a public image, he may say he wants to but in reality, he really doesn't, haven't you guys noticed he will say he will but he hasn't even done so? just keeps teasing about it by saying " oh we won't bring them in this year or next year after that " doesn't that sound fishy? and the whole " mandates " thing is a lie, they don't exist,  Are The Mandates Real 2 by RoragosArts Are the Mandates real. by RoragosArts. hell even to this day he dodges the question on it like hes trying to hide something when HES the one who keeps spewing about it and uses SEGA as a scapegoat to avoid criticism.  Ian Flynn does NOT support the Freedom Fighters by ShanahaT and NOW he just debunked himself that the mandates DON'T exist in IDW after one of my homies had a talk with RafaKnight saying there are You Lying Son Of A Bitch.. by RoragosArts meteor sized OOF

3. What sort of development are you talking about?

EUQXFZ0UYAAgJec by RoragosArts this, Sally's had more development than Amy Rose, hell Amy comes from a Japanese manga and Sega didn't want her at first till some peeps decided to get her
Sally's had more love and passion put into where Amy's only had one or two, basically like a side character. 

4.What's the current status of IDW right now? and how is IDW Sonic failing? 

IDW is losing stocks and lots of money for now 2-4 years very low stock by RoragosArts, High Risk by RoragosArts IDW has an Ouchie by RoragosArts,…… IDW Sonic isn't doing very good in sales either 1 by RoragosArts 2 by RoragosArts 3 by RoragosArts… only on issue one has it made 24k Sales then up to 25 it's down to 9k Sales, that's pretty bad, Sonic didn't even make it to the top 10-15 comics  1 by RoragosArts Capture-2 by RoragosArts 3 by RoragosArts only after the movie it got 1k sales ( 10k ) which is nothing to celebrate about along with the fact that not even digital sales with save them or even Japan,  IDW sonic is fuqed by RoragosArts IDW sonic is fuqed 2 by RoragosArts…… , heres also some more news too… and just recently they deleted a status on the future of IDW Sonic...ouch  111 by RoragosArts

5. Who is Udon? 

Udon is an Indie comic book company that has done works like Street Fighters and TMNT which have sold pretty well, they are known for being Anti-SJW and like to give peeps what they want, they have also worked with SEGA in the past and a lot of the peeps love western Sonic and Japanese sonic too, hell there are artists who work with them have a DA group, check them out!

6. If it really isn't Segas fault, why haven't they brought back the freedom fighters or any other characters?

like I said, it's because of Flynn and his friends who don't wish to bring them back and same with the larger amount of fans nowadays who are Sonamy brats and such who keep screaming to keep things to the games. 

7. How is Ian Flynn the bad guy here? didn't he fight to bring back the Freedom Fighters? why would he make stuff up including the mandates?

Watch a few of these videos, those will answer your questions: . hes also attacked peeps at comicsgate because they criticized his comic and after that lost HALF of the major support IDW Sonic got, heres an article on the fuckshit with Flynns OWN WORDS in it… .  and also there's this recent view on Archie Vs IDW here…

8. Is there a way TO bring them back?

yes, there is, keep doing fan projects with the FF and Archie characters, along with Supporting Udon and its team at this time! :) we deserve better than IDW Sonic, if you want to continue to like IDW Sonic go right ahead I won't stop ya but if we want the FF to return to the comics, we must Support Udon and their team

9. Isn't it also Ken Penders fault for the Freedom Fighters Demise?

there were recent 3 part interviews by Ken himself explaining this:

10. Isn't Sally and the FF not canon? arent they owned by Archie?

this has been debunked many times, hell in that development sheet I posted Sally is owned by Sega of America and there are OFFICIAL copyright documents that say the FF and Sally Acorn are indeed owned by Sega Sega owns the FF 1 by RoragosArts Sega owns the FF 2 by RoragosArts Sega owns the FF 3 by RoragosArtsand also they appeared in Sonic SPinball which was an attempt to reintroduce them to the game canon along with the fact there was going to be an official Satam game BY Sega, here's more proof of that on a greeting card from Sega world… this video also explains their canonuity 

11. Isn't also Sonally not canon? what about Sonamy?

Um if Sally is canon then so is Sonally, the Archie comics were canon to the franchise and Sonamy was debunked by Amy's creator himself that Sonamy was never meant to be a thing except for a comedic effect, but then we have Sega doing the whole twitter takeover crap ( which was a joke btw ) making it look like Sonic has feelings for Amy which is false time and time again, and now these Sonamy fans keep saying its canon cause Sonic made it look like so when it was meant to be a joke, not official shit.

12. What would a Sonic Comic be like done by Udon?

this Gallery done by Nintendrodude should explain that:… and also heres what Matt Moylan ( director of Udon ) had to say what they would do:  Udon Director likes the FF! by RoragosArts He supports SONALLY! by RoragosArts Udon likes Scourge by RoragosArts They Would Have Continued The Basic!! by RoragosArts could this confirm that mandates are fake? by RoragosArts

13. How is the Comic Book industry Collapsing? 

  these should answer that.

14. What can we do to support?

well me personally I'm not gonna support IDW or their creators because of all the bs they did including the creators of IDW Sonic, BUT! the only person I will ever support is Matt Herms who works there right now and he seems like a good guy! hell, he drew some Archie/Satam characters recently! :D check em out!…

Well, that's all I'm going to answer, I hope all of you stay safe out there and STAY STRONG! if you can tell Sega, Tell Matt Moylan that we want a comic from Udon by going to his group and Twitter! also if there are any more questions I could try to answer them! but no bashing or attacking.

Peace! :peace:
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This needs to be cleaned up. Screenshots don't have a source (like an actual source of where that came from for context).

Some videos can be used as evidence like Ken Penders telling his side of the sorry as he's a direct source of what happened at Archie, however other cannot. Unless they're actually using sources, and they're linked within the description/comments, then it's an opinion piece.

Flashing screenshots onto the screen, believing Ian Flynn destroyed the comics, with no sources in description. VS Someone reading the screenshot/talking about the screenshot in relation to the video, stating that Ian Flynn destroyed the comics here's why, and sources in description.

If you can't get the source, a screen shot can suffice if nothing is cropped out (except for sensitive information) and you show the flow of information. Cropped out only a small piece of the convo, not trust worthy.