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The Swan King's Castle [UHD]

Schloss Neuschwanstein.
Visit and use the command /warp neuschwanstein .
:house: Homepage | Dynamic Map
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This building on Planet Minecraft:…
Check out Palando's profile at Planet Minecraft:…
The courtyard on dA:

For the free download of the wallpaper take a look at the right side of the page.

:devart: Featured in MinecraftArchitects

Texture Pack: Misa's Realistic
Rendered with Chunky

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You may not reproduce, copy, manipulate or use any of my works in any way without my permission.
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Awesome! Well done
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welcome my friend
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I'd really hate to see that estate destroyed. 
RoqqR's avatar
Don't worry, it won't happen. ;)
MalyLis's avatar
it's .... pure PERFECTION itself!! This Neuschwanstein castle looks just amazing! I thought its a photo :D
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Spiritswriter123's avatar
Absolutely amazing!
RoqqR's avatar
Happiness4488's avatar
AWESOME! As an aspiring architect and an amateur Minecraft player, I love how you designed and planned the building of this structure so that it would meet exact dimensions, and how you built it at SUCH a scenic point, it is simply amazing!
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First of all, thank you! (... for the comment and the fav as well)
But my work is the UHD render (and some of the other buildings you can see on the picture).
The castle was built by my colleague Palando. You can find his PlanetMinecraft profile in the description.
I couldn't leave this unsaid, that would've been just wrong. ^^
But thanks that you're one of the few people who value buildings which are true to the original (or as true as it's possible with Minecraft). :)
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At 1st I thought this was real!! Nice Job!!
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RoqqR's avatar
ShafroPlaysMC's avatar
just out of curiosity, how does the roof look so flat? :D
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It's built with stairs, so it has an angle of 45°.
The roof of the real castle has about 48°.
Now build that true to original. ;)

... or could it perhaps be the projection? =P

Thanks for the fav! :)
ShafroPlaysMC's avatar
no problem and thanks for the explanation! :D
RoqqR's avatar
You're welcome. ;)
UszatyArbuz's avatar
Mind blown away.
RoqqR's avatar
Sorry for that. Some redstone here and a slimeball there aaaand I fixed it. ;)
UszatyArbuz's avatar
How many bedrooms are in there? :P
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