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Helloooooo I'm Sky <3

The kinky pinkhaired comic doodler from the UK! If you're reading this it means you're on my profile so Yay! hope you like my little doodles :3 I have a Twitter where I post random things, so please follow me on there if you wanna see the nonsense I tweet =P

My previous DA with Sam, Matt and Lois is here

SORRY BUT I AM NOT OPEN TO COMMISSIONS AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME College eating all my time >.< If you want to draw my OCs though, you dont have to ask, honestly I'd take it as a huge honour :3

The tracking info for my new graphics pen... The listing said 2-3 weeks. Not months! So, I may be out of action for a lot longer than I expected. Bloody cat, when this new pen arrives my cats isn't allowed anywhere near it :l I do have another pen which is at my parents place, over 100 miles away.. My brother will be bringing it up on the 20th. Its another Huion, but off my very first tablet a H610. Not sure if it will work with my GT220, but at this stage its the only hope I have :/ Sky/RBD
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Rest in peace Pen.. Might not be drawing for a while :l My cat decided to fling my pen off the desk thinking it was a toy. And it landed on the hardwood floor right on its nib smashing the pressure sensor. I've ordered a new one, but being a Huion I can only get it from China so it'll take ages getting here. Annoying though there are sellers selling them here in the UK, but they want like £40 for them when from Huion themselves its like £25.. so F that Anyway yeah, I may be out of action for a bit. My brother will be bringing my old H610 pen tab up from Manchester next month. Hopefully its pen is compatible with my GT-220 monitor tab
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WOOO!! I've somehow just 1'000 Watcher! :D I first started this NSFW account out of boredom, I never expected to hit 1k watchers on it, I actually expected it to flop and me to go back to my SFW account :S. As always when I hit a milestone I will draw something special ^^ just unfortunately this has happened at a bad time as I'm buried in college work.. But I will be drawing something, very naughty and kinky. Just no idea when I will be drawing it though. Anywho, thank you guys for supporting me. The fact there are people out there that actually like my crap lewd cartoons means the world to me :3 Love you all
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Thanks for the fave! :)

I love your art, and I'd love to be tied up by you!

Thanks for the Fave!!!

no probs huni ^^

Remember your cloning idea? X3

Power of science is amazing

Ooo nice :3 yep thats exactly what I'd do with my clone XD