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The New Helghast Symbol

By ropa-to
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Stahl's Helghast.

Killzone belongs to Guerrilla Games.
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Helghan Triad is better. :iconhelghanplz:
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Hey, I recreated this logo for my giant mech creation in Armored Core 5. I'll send pics if you're interested to see how it turned out, but I gotta say.. HEIL HELGHAN >: D!!
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Of course I'll be interested to see those pictures, gimme gimme!
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I'll get my friend to do some recording of your emblem on my two mechs. One's designed all around the Red / Black / White color scheme, and the other is my personal favorite. I just use the logo because it's brilliant. I'll post them when I have them :)
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This actually gives me a good idea of what my symbol is going to be when I become supreme emperor of Mexico and reestablish the Aztec empire just like it has been for millennia and straighten out all these problems...

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Cool, when you're supreme emperor of Mexico, make sure you credit me for inspiration :P
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Awesome. The Shahl Arms logo is simple but bad ass. It would make a great tatoo that Im planing on getting.
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Ooh, if you do end up with that tattoo, I would like to see a picutre of it :D
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Responding to your comment that was a month ago, I got the tattoo! dO.ob
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Oooh, lemme see this badass tattoo!
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I put it up on my profile. Im thinking of adding a red outline to it and adding the helghan language above it.
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Hmmm Stahl taking over the Helghast? Wonder what becomes of Visari's daughter.
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That is a good point actually, I don't know if women of Helghan actually got any powers whatsoever in what appears to be male-dominated military and civilization; especially Visari's daughter.


So all we know so far based on ending of Killzone 3 that Stahl survived along with numbers of Stahl's army that he could be the new leader in Killzone 4 or the girl, being the daughter of military's best leader, could be more deadly and brutal, making ISA pay the price badly.
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I like this new symbol, simple but still being awesome n_n
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Choosing between Space Nazi Stalin and President Eden is too hard!
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Neo-Helghat would fit also.
fyi- neo stands for new. not white you racists
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looks bad ass, Stahl is awesome =D
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Oh yeah, hopefully we'll see more of him!
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