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Mael Radec

By ropa-to
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Fan art of Mael Radec from Killzone 2.

This character and symbol belongs to Guerrilla.
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One of my favorite villains. Guerrilla Games dropped the ball when they decided to kill Radec...
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A fine commander indeed
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^_^I want to use this as my desktop background, if you don't mind. OH and hail Radec!!
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killzone is my ps3 game epic
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He is all like: get on my level
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Radec for president!
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No... not president...

EMPORER!!! :evileyes:
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I have played and beaten all Halos and basically it all boils down to this: Aliens versus humans, some aliens turn on other aliens, some aliens befriend humans and we win. I don't mean to bash the green-armoured, motocross-helmet-wearing, alien-killing badass in any way but it is pretty obvious to me which side we are supposed to sympathise with since the first game.

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Yeah, you're right. The Halo universe is interesting, but, yeah, aliens are evil and stuff.
Nothings perfect, I think. :/
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Honestly, the whole Halo series screams a pastiche of Starship Troopers, Quake, Doom and alien films, I actually found myself sympathising more with the Helghast throughout the the Killzone series than with the side I am forced to play as. Another way, at least in my opinion, in which these two games are RADECally ( he he ;) ) in contrast to each other, despite being in similar genres, is that the main focus, at least in my opinion, is the enemy and their deliciously evil appearance, not the main hero as in Halo. The dark, gritty atmosphere coupled with the hard-science theme just screams WW2, and is executed perfectly with a style that Halo cant match. Sorry ropa-to I didnt mean to rant on your awesome art...

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Oh, you're totally right about your Killzone stuff. I mean, I see the Hellghats as being totally piss-scared of the Federation, or how thei're called, because of what their did them in the past. In all honesty, I think that series to be set around how the unfortunate mistakes of our antecessors can make misery of their descendants. Its a rader tragic, and somewhat epic, setting. In the end, I would like to play for the Hellghats for once, see things from their prespective. The "good guys" seem rather boring, though.

About Halo... Oh, that universe as so many faults, I sould not even start escusing them. But, it ends up falling into the guilty pleasure territory. I mean, theres some attempt at making at least some aliens sympathetic, but I believe some fanfics actually do that way batter than the official fiction. Just search for *Etoli and ~Atomic-Chocograph . They have awesome art, Halo-related and non-Halo related.
The main problem of that one, I believe, is that it tried to be something, but without the artistic freedom to do so. I mean, see the Marathon games. Those might have a great element of evil aliens vs humans, but the main focus are the 3 AIs who conduct the plot. They are deep and interesting, and have some interesti philosophical and existencial discussions. It really cool that way. Halo tried that, but failed. Still, I actually like the Spartan II mythos. I'm silly like that. ;P

Oh, and sorry for taking all this time to answer. Life kinda got in the way. :(
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Great work! Well done :)
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