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From The Ashes of Helghan, We Will Rise

Killzone: Shadow Fall - © Guerrilla Games

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Rise up avenge our ancestors avenge our emporer Scolar Vasari!
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Awesome. But it's a shame the Black Hand was eliminated by the Vektan scum. But then again, their actions say otherwise.
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wow this iz beautiful
OnsoulTheLostHelgast's avatar
We've already begun to Rise Up.
SirIssac's avatar
I like helghast propaganda posters, although they are reminiscent of Second World War posters.
Rhasyel's avatar
No, I'm sure they still have some sort of professional military among their cities on Vekta. After all, tensions are constantly high, and the Helghast haven't forgotten what the ISA did to them. We'll be seeing them soon.
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This type of helghast is uberly badass and you made it 10x more better! nice!
Rhasyel's avatar
They might be civilians: their attire is way too informal, and their breathers and goggles don't look like the military ones.
Rexlare's avatar
Citizen soldiers? Good song.
Rhasyel's avatar
Heh, that was a good one.
Rexlare's avatar
No but it's true they are citizen soldiers-probably. Apperently Vektan offered the Helghast survivors sanctuary at Vektan. So it stands to reason why they used I.S.A tech, and that they don't have an actual military.
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Although their tactics are more akin to terrorism.
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