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This is :iconglobalstreetart: again with are second interview with :iconsevasuno: interviewed by :iconroosterstencil:!!

Where are you based?

Central North Carolina, United States.

When did you begin painting graffiti?

I became interested in it about 6 years ago. I started trying to build my own style about 2 years ago.

How did you get into graffiti and what made you start painting?

I knew a guy in college who was crazy about trains. Every time he would hear the train beside campus coming he would take off running to the nearest view point to try and spot some quality work. After that it became an obsession trying to make my style grow and spotting every spec of graffiti in my area.

How did you choose the name Sevas?

I used to write “Sevas Tra” (art saves backwards) from the Otep album. I got tired of that many letters pretty quick so my friend told me to cut it down to “Sevas”. His reasoning was “Who cares if it doesn’t make sense. It sounds cool as shit!” So it pretty much stuck after that.

Do you write with any crews and if so which ones?

Nah, there aren’t but a couple of crews in the area and they seem to have gone dormant.

How would you describe your style?

Random, I get inspired by the weirdest things whether it be some pattern I see in the floor tile or one time I tried to make a piece that resembled a fighter jet.

What are your feelings on the graffiti and street art scenes in the Central North Carolina at present?

It’s slowly disappearing due to persistent buffers, some businesses painting down the murals they have on their buildings, and some of the legal walls becoming restricted to artists.

Do you see yourself as an artist or a graffiti writer?

Because of being obsessed with graffiti like most who are introduced to it, my art has become heavily influenced by graffiti to the point where (other than commissions) it’s just the same style coming out all the time to the point where they’re one and the same.

There is a very fine line between those who view graffiti as art and those who see it as vandalism, what are your views on this?

I mean you are writing on other people’s shit but it is definitely one of the most passionate forms of self expression. How many artists would risk charges or jail time just to have someone glance at their work for a split second. Or how many can say they’ve done a painting 5 times as big as they are?

Where is the most obscure place you have ever left a tag or piece?

Nothing too crazy. The only thing that pops in my head is I had a habit for a while of drawing my characters on my money doing dumb shit when I was bored and casually put them back in circulation hoping to make someone laugh somewhere down the line.

What is your preferred tool for making marks with?

Stickers or markers.

What is your colour of choice?


Whats your Fave Piece you have done?

Hard to say but I suppose my most recent One more time for Ol time sake by sevasuno

What are you working on currently and what plans do you have for the future?

Just doing some free lance work to pay for Christmas and hopefully in January some plans will work out for a legal project on a 5ft by 50ft wall. Keeping my fingers crossed.

What kind of music are you into?

Metal and underground hip hop for he most part. Whatever keeps my attention.

Anything else you would like to add?

I dunno, I guess whatever you’re doing make sure you put all your passion into it and it doesn’t matter if you’re the greatest artist in the word if you’re and asshole that’s all you’re gonna be remembered as.

Wow Another interesting interview Thanks!!

Here is some more of Sevas work

Sakura by sevasuno I'm bad with titles... by sevasuno The Ever After Happily by sevasuno Baller Collab by sevasuno Mr. Wicked by sevasuno Teddy Tra by sevasuno Mr. Dribbles by sevasuno

Keep an eye out for more :iconglobalstreetart: interviews!

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Gotta love these interviews
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Oh nice, you seem to know who you want to interview, and they are always awesome. Plus I like getting to see the different styles and getting to know the person behind the graffiti art. Keep doing these!
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Mistake i mean third interview its late here :D !!
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