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Valen and Skye art trade

Art trade with :icontankgirly:

My very first art trade on dA! Wee! :iconweekenddanceplz:

Valen Shadowbreath and *tankgirly's PC, Skye. I hope you don't mind that I let Skye's hair down, Tank. ;) I haven't played NWN so I hope I did him justice.

Fan art! Valen Shadowbreath © Bioware
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Beautiful art :love:
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Damn! I love that guy! He is sooooooo HAWT! Great picture of him! He is really handsome here!
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You did him justice indeed! :D

Maybe some people has already told you this before but: you need to play that expansion of NWN. Valen's romance is just as awesome as that of Zevran and Alistair. His love confession is something that will make you melt on the spot :D
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I really love this piece. I did want to say Valen has blue eyes... but I really love how you did him anyway.
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KYAAH! This is awesome!! Its beautiful and...omg Valen looks amazing!! :drool: you should do more Valen...
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I don't understand her pose... I can't tell if she's facing him or facing away from him... which one is her boobs..xD

It's beautiful, don't get me wrong, I love your work - I just can't quite figure this one out. o.O
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your artwork has been suggested for a feature by a member of #Realm-of-Fantasy

:blackrose: [link]

Keep up the excellent work!
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Whoo-hoo. SEXY. Love Valen's tail wrapping around Skye's neck. :faint:
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Oh, Skye is so lucky... the colour in this pic in particular is amazing... :+fav:
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Great justice to his face you did... the only error is his eyes are ice blue and not yellow... but that is completely excusable. :D
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Wow, that's amazing!
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Best. NwN. Fanart. EVER.
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Damn! This is awesome! I miss Valen :(
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Squeal! Oh, Valen, how I miss your well-rounded character and unflappable maturity...
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His eyes should be blue, but other than that - gorgeous image.

I agree with others that there isn't enough Valen fanart in this world...
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Oops! Thanks for noticing. I'll try and fix it.
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Oh, wow!! I love this piece! And very nice coloring!
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You'll have people queuing up everywhere to do art trades with you now :P (I am so tempted, but I shouldn't be trying to take on more things when I already have tons of art that I need to catch up on).

Love the flowing hair (it looks so soft and silky) and lighting. They both look gorgeous and the tail trailing under her chin is a nice touch.
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I too will be mighty occupied these coming weeks. Maybe next time when we're not so swamped. ;)
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Whee! So beautiful! I wanna do an art trade with you!
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Thanks. :)

Ok, since tomorrow's a public holiday! Yippee! I'll send you a note.
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