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Ooh so sexy hair brush

Many have been asking about how I render Oghren's body hair. This is the brush! I made this with PSCS5. It is inspired by a brush in a collection I downloaded from the web. Unfortunately, I can't recall where I got the original download, so I made a new version of the brush from scratch. I would suggest that you try to recreate your own hair brush to give your work a personal touch. Either way, this is free to use as you wish. :)

Have fun!
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The original hair brushes and tutorial you are trying to recall were made by Dave Nagel. :)
A Google search of his name will yield several sites that have his tuts and brushes for download.
Thank you so much for this! In context, works as chest hair, too :D All of the male cover models are usually close shaved on their chests and I'm writing about a were-bear LOL <3
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Thank you very much for this.
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omfg haha this is what i was looking for! THANKS!
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And then it hits me. I remember Varric. XDDDD Nice :D
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this is perfect!
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Pubes, glorious pubes. *cough* I had a lot of sugar today.
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actually... i tried to make such a thing a couple of years ago. it didn't work. so i thank you for the kind offer of... yeah, oghren's.... um... right. lol! ; D
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I can't use this hair now, because I know this was taken from Oghren's butt.
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Please, I really need Dave Nagel's brushes, Nagelseries_21, somebody can help me, I can not find them anywhere
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Oghren instant sexiness!
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lmao I saw the thumbnail and was like "omg that looks like pubic hair!" *reads the artist note* so it is!
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