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Well, it only took me a couple years to start posting my work here, but 99 Watchers...It really means a lot to me for those of you who Watch me and comment and fave (you know who you are.)


I should give a big thank you to you all (even though you all missed my birthday *cough* *cough*) =P


And I'm sorry to those of you whose work I haven't commented/faved/seen lately, the weekends are really my only time of leisure now, I only come on to dA for an hour during the week, and I spend my Saturdays with friends, so hopefully you'll understand (that is, if you're even reading this.)


Thanks again,



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Please don't apologize for having a life, lol. Spend time with real people.  
Happy Birthday Belated!!

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Thank you very much! :D


But...you are real people. Lol.


Well, I just wanted you guys to know I'm not ignoring your work =P Didn't know how else to word it, lol.

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You are welcome :)

Oh yeah sure, I'm real. I don't know about everyone around here...:paranoid: but that isn't the same as reaaal people. :D

Have fun with all of that real life stuff. (you worded it just fine. mmhumm)
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It's sorta the same though =P


Lol, well, thank you, you as well!

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lol...okay. sort of the same. :)

I shall try!!
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Glad to hear it :D
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I?m happy you have that many watchers, it's cool :)

did I miss your Bday?? isn't DA supposed to remind me of this?? is this a twilight zone?? I wouldn't know but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

take care and take time for yourself :)
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Definitely is :D


LOL, it's the Twilight Zone! I like that answer! Thank you very much! :D


Yeah, I definitely need time to myself every once in a while, but hey, if I end up here, it's just as good a way to spend time =P

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Oh, NOW you say it =P Lol, jk, thank you! :D
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Congrats! :)  (and happy belated birthday!)
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Thank you very much! :D
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Thank you, especially to you, being one of my Watchers and all :D


I just happened to look at your recent work, haha! Must be reading my mind.

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