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In a cave out West,
In a frozen ravine,
There lies a body,
Weathered and aged,

He died of cold,
And his jacket tattered,

Not like any of this really mattered.

To pass the time in his slow death,
He'd play Solitaire and conserve his breath,
He'd die happy and distracted, as anyone should,
He'd die thought to be a Hero as seldom could,

His tattered cards in his blistered hands,
Felt just like fire being made by man,
He kept on playing, ignoring his demise,
For soon he'd be playing in the endless skies,

The Ace of Spades would keep him sharp,
The Ace of Hearts would be his tarp,
The Ace of Clubs would show him his past,
The Ace of Diamonds would be his mask,

The 52 cards, keeping him alive,
Would be all that's left in this cave of time.
I was going in a different direction with this (as usual.) I've recently been addicted to Yukon Solitaire, and my parents just came back from the Yukon, so I figured I'd write a little of what I know (thanks to Jack London's Call of the Wild.)
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Eerily beautiful. Sad, lonely, but beautiful. :)
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Thank you very much! :D
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Lovely. a touch sad, but lovely.
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Not a problem, Roost.
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This is lovely :) 
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sad, but really nice :) makes me think a bit of Prévert style... dunno if you know him...
Rooster5man's avatar

I see he's a French poet, I'll read his work one day hopefully :D


Thank you, it's awesome to be compared to a famous poet! :D

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you're welcome!! I really love Prévert, I have a few of his books...

and some of your work really makes me think about him... I mean, I'm not trying to be nice or to make a compliment... it's only sincere :)
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I'll be sure to read his work :D


You're NOT trying to be nice? LOL. It's just coincedental that you're complimenting me? =P

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LOL XD I meant I'm sincere first... then it might be nice, or not XD
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Well, you haven't been NOT nice yet =P
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well :) let's hope it lasts ;)
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