Who Watches the Watchmen?

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I could stitch together songs to help you understand,
Like Let it Be,
Carry on, my Wayward Son,
Suicide is Painless,
And many other songs with beautiful lyrics,

But I want to find something that calls out to all of us,
While still retaining originality,
And that's where my problem lies.

No one watches the Watchmen,
We watch ourselves and we watch you,
We watch,
And wait,
And live,
And die,
And no one cares.

No one cares to hear the sounds of the puddles splashing upwards after a thunderstorm,
No one cares to watch the sun rise after a long walk filled with regret,
No one cares to say the simple words of "I Love You" to the one they love until it's too late,
No one cares to give a meaningful apology when they've wasted someone's time,
And no one gives back that time to someone who really needs it.

The clock is ticking,
The seconds melt into months,
Love is eternal,
But time is forever.

Time watches,
Time waits,
And time doesn't care.

But the Watchmen do.
The cumulative effect of finding the perfect words to create the perfect poem, the still-lingering effects of heartbreak and daily influences in my on-going struggle to put my every thought into words, and yet I still feel there's words missing.
© 2013 - 2021 Rooster5man
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really awesome!! I really love the cumulative effect.. and the alliterations... it sounds like a mantra
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Its a sad, ringing poem. The Watchmen sound really lonely. No one notices or cares. 'Love is eternal but time is forever.' Very true.
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I wasn't exactly sure how to phrase the line you quoted, I've judged "forever" and "eternal" as the same, but upon looking it up, I saw someone's definition where "forever" is within time and "eternal" is outside the boundaries of time, so I suppose it works.


If you haven't read the Graphic Novel Watchmen, I suggest you do one day, that's mostly where I got my inspiration.

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What's it about?
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It's about these Superheroes during the "Superhero Age" (1940s), who eventually become replaced as the years go on, it takes place in 1985, but, of course, with Superheroes, it's alternate history - Nixon's still President, for example. It's really fascinating and by far one of my favorite books.
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That sounds cool :) now i want to read it!
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You definitely should!
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i shall buy it. indeed i shall.
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Worth every penny :D
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Wow! That's amazing. That seems like it could be the ominous ending or beginning to a novel.

Time doesn't care...

...but the Watchmen do.

That's just epic. XD
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Thank you! :D


And thanks for the fave! :D

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'Tis a win-win.
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