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I'm starting to tire,
My mind runs on a clock,
And I never have time to think,
Or stop,

And time keeps moving,
Like a train without brakes,
Slow through night,
And zipping through day,

My heart's felt better,
Lest I jinx it,
But my mind won't function
Like it used to.

Every day is a learning experience,
And all I want to do is sit back,
And watch the stars,
And feel the warm air around me,
And feel the dry sand on my feet,
And feel the cool water against my hands,
And feel the fire blazing in my veins and in my heart.

I want to show these elements to the world,
How I'm really a master of the elements on the inside,
A force to be reckoned with,
But time is my master.

Time prevents me from showing what needs to be shown.
Yet I've barely lived,
And I don't fully understand the way this world works,
And possibly never will.

But as long as the sun beats down on me,
And my heart beats in my chest,
The compass that I am will keep spinning,
The direction of my life never ceasing to spin,
Because life surprises us.

And the mysteries of the human condition will remain mysterious,
Long after you or I become one with the elements,
As we were at the time of our birth,
Wishing to settle upon a world where we could be understood,
And free,

Yet we live our lives and we become one with the Universe,
As we always have been,
Always will be,
And never knowing why.

So what am I really trying to say?
I can't tell you,
Because I don't even know myself,
And never will.

It was the Heat of the Moment.
I wanted to write something explaining my recent time of not being a teenager anymore. Didn't have time to do that, came up with this instead.
© 2013 - 2021 Rooster5man
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Hey, Roost. Long time no talk. This is a really beautiful piece. I hope you keep doing poems like this.
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Your writing has improved so so much since I first met you, (Met? Encountered? Found?) it's pretty incredible to watch someone I've never seen with my eyes grow as much as you have through words. Reading your new poems this morning has really got me thinking about how strange it is that I've maintained a friendship with you through typed words. THE POWER OF THE INTERNET!!
Rooster5man's avatar

LOL, yes! Like penpals =P


I think really I met/encountered/found you first, but same thing =P


I really appreciate the compliment though. I guess I can be my biggest critic, but I've always wrote and felt there was something missing from each poem, but if people geniunely appreciate my writing, that's what makes me keep going, as well as just wanting a form of expressing myself. Thank you kindly :D <3

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Wow well done! ^^ I really like it. :D
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Thank you very much, and for the favorite! :D
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You're very welcome! :woohoo:
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I love it! Well written... :heart:
Rooster5man's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
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I well know the desperate feeling, that pressure over your chest, when time seems to be dripping through your fingers, and just passing you by ... Terrifying! You capture that theme brilliantly in this beautiful piece! Your language is awesome :D
Rooster5man's avatar

That means a lot to me, thank you very much! :D


I always seem to write about time and exactly that metaphor: "dripping through your fingers," like sand in an hourglass.


I guess you could say there's pressure making me crack, lol.

DenVitaNarren's avatar
My pleasure :)

Hmm, time's a matter you're thinking much about then. Sometimes, I fear time, but then I wonder if time's really the problem, after all ... Maybe, maybe not. Oh, and it's a very good metaphor! :D
Rooster5man's avatar
Can't really decide myself what the underlying problem is, but I'm sure time's a factor in it =P
DenVitaNarren's avatar
Probably :) But sometimes I wonder if 'time' isn't a rather human invention ... Everything ages, but the part of diving our lives into weeks and hours and seconds; that's most definitely something humans have invented because they want to have control.
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Time's definitely a human invention, but it's strange how well it works.
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This is so good, oddly inspirational. Like you have a secret you want to share with the world to make it understand something. I love it!
Rooster5man's avatar

You're right - When I was writing this, I was thinking of my other poem, "This World." Ever since reading "Green Lantern: Blackest Night," I've been finding ways to tie my newfound outlook on emotions with my poems.


Thank you! :D

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Yeah! Its good, and its also good that youre adding new things to your writing. Try to branch out as much as you can while still keeping it emotional. Never lose the emotion when writing a poem.
Rooster5man's avatar
Otherwise, what's the point of writing a poem? ;)
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Yup! Sometimes I can come up with a few good lines but then I kind of lose it and can't continue. So I have half a book of unfinished poems :D
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Welcome to my world =P
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