The Classic Heartbreak

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I've had the thought that the Boulevard of Broken Dreams runs deep,
The size of the Vegas strip, running through my mind,
Where sits the Home of the Blues,
The Heartbreak Hotel on Lonely Street,
And the Hotel California farther down the Strip,

And all these places bind us together.
We can find a dusty wedding chapel,
A funeral parlor,

And a long shadow casts an eternal dusk across the town.

Misery loves company.

And the memories dance in the courtyard,
And we can never leave the Boulevard.

Van Gogh has said The Sadness will last forever,
But I've never believed it.

The sadness doesn't last forever,
The monuments dedicated to the sadness do.

Created in our memories and never taken down,
They live in a distant part in our mind,
In an ever-shifting land that spans for miles.

And at the edge lies a rainbow,
Which we can decide to pass through freely.

Why are there so many songs about rainbows, and what's on the other side?
All these songs have been running through my mind, and this is the culmination. So many things to say, so little space my brain holds for them.
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very nice. I like the melancholy, slightly nostalgic feel this piece has. Good job once again :D
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Thank you very much! :D
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beautiful :) love this hope shining through the tears :)
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Great metaphor :D


Thank you!

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I really like this poem, especially what it represents: Sadness and the possibility of hope. A wonderful requiem and a good use of songs.
Rooster5man's avatar

Thank you!


All the songs ARE classic and they've been running through my mind for a while, that's where the title comes from in case you wondered =P

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I recognized a few songs I enjoy. :) I think it's a great way to connect to readers!
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Yeah songs often inspire me to either have an emotional breakdown or write poetry or something. Sad poem :( But it ends with hope.
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Especially the song in your caption on your page, "This too shall pass" by OK Go.


It wasn't really supposed to end with hope, but I'm glad it worked out that way, I don't want to seem too sad =P

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Oh haha I didn't even know that was a song! :) Its just a saying, for hope to anyone who sees it. :)
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Oh, seriously? Listen to it! OK Go is awesome!


I know it's a saying, but you should know the song :D

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Oh I can't believe I've never heard of it! It's pretty good; I thought it was cool they had the marching-band-ish instruments. I like the originality!
Rooster5man's avatar
Haha, definitely! Did you see the Rube Goldberg machine-version?
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Ah I don't think so. Is that one good?
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They're all good :D
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I totally agree. Nice job, Roost. :D
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*bows* Not a problem, good sir.
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