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In a Perfect World,
I'd be on a dark desert highway,
Racing Lambos with my soulmate,
And I might be snuggled up in bed,
On a cold Autumn night,
With my soulmate.
But did I explain these are two different soulmates?
Both of which have left me.
And these exist in different worlds,
That I have nearly long forgotten.
I ask you to show me your Book of Life,
Because I want to know the story you have to share.
I rarely show mine,
But now my soul has been bared to them all,
And all I ask in return is to read your Book of Life.
Not so you can go ahead and take comfort in reading the story,
And never reading more,
Because I'm much more than my Book of Life.
You've yet to see more than just my Soul.
You've yet to see all the people who've sculpted me, all the things that have sculpted me.
You've yet to see me.
You see me, and you don't. I'm an enigma. I'm everything and nothing, but I'm the Universe's everything and nothing.
I'm more than myself, I'm more than the person I've allowed you to see.
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 13 5
We Move Along
I'm starting to tire,
My mind runs on a clock,
And I never have time to think,
Or stop,
And time keeps moving,
Like a train without brakes,
Slow through night,
And zipping through day,
My heart's felt better,
Lest I jinx it,
But my mind won't function
Like it used to.
Every day is a learning experience,
And all I want to do is sit back,
And watch the stars,
And feel the warm air around me,
And feel the dry sand on my feet,
And feel the cool water against my hands,
And feel the fire blazing in my veins and in my heart.
I want to show these elements to the world,
How I'm really a master of the elements on the inside,
A force to be reckoned with,
But time is my master.
Time prevents me from showing what needs to be shown.
Yet I've barely lived,
And I don't fully understand the way this world works,
And possibly never will.
But as long as the sun beats down on me,
And my heart beats in my chest,
The compass that I am will keep spinning,
The direction of my life never ceasing to spin,
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 8 39
In a cave out West,
In a frozen ravine,
There lies a body,
Weathered and aged,
He died of cold,
And his jacket tattered,
Not like any of this really mattered.
To pass the time in his slow death,
He'd play Solitaire and conserve his breath,
He'd die happy and distracted, as anyone should,
He'd die thought to be a Hero as seldom could,
His tattered cards in his blistered hands,
Felt just like fire being made by man,
He kept on playing, ignoring his demise,
For soon he'd be playing in the endless skies,
The Ace of Spades would keep him sharp,
The Ace of Hearts would be his tarp,
The Ace of Clubs would show him his past,
The Ace of Diamonds would be his mask,
The 52 cards, keeping him alive,
Would be all that's left in this cave of time.
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 10 16
Who Watches the Watchmen?
I could stitch together songs to help you understand,
Like Let it Be,
Carry on, my Wayward Son,
Suicide is Painless,
And many other songs with beautiful lyrics,
But I want to find something that calls out to all of us,
While still retaining originality,
And that's where my problem lies.
No one watches the Watchmen,
We watch ourselves and we watch you,
We watch,
And wait,
And live,
And die,
And no one cares.
No one cares to hear the sounds of the puddles splashing upwards after a thunderstorm,
No one cares to watch the sun rise after a long walk filled with regret,
No one cares to say the simple words of "I Love You" to the one they love until it's too late,
No one cares to give a meaningful apology when they've wasted someone's time,
And no one gives back that time to someone who really needs it.
The clock is ticking,
The seconds melt into months,
Love is eternal,
But time is forever.
Time watches,
Time waits,
And time doesn't care.
But the Watchmen do.
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 3 17
The Classic Heartbreak
I've had the thought that the Boulevard of Broken Dreams runs deep,
The size of the Vegas strip, running through my mind,
Where sits the Home of the Blues,
The Heartbreak Hotel on Lonely Street,
And the Hotel California farther down the Strip,
And all these places bind us together.
We can find a dusty wedding chapel,
A funeral parlor,
And a long shadow casts an eternal dusk across the town.
Misery loves company.
And the memories dance in the courtyard,
And we can never leave the Boulevard.
Van Gogh has said The Sadness will last forever,
But I've never believed it.
The sadness doesn't last forever,
The monuments dedicated to the sadness do.
Created in our memories and never taken down,
They live in a distant part in our mind,
In an ever-shifting land that spans for miles.
And at the edge lies a rainbow,
Which we can decide to pass through freely.
Why are there so many songs about rainbows, and what's on the other side?
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 5 25
The Little Things
My words like fleeting memories.
I talk so much about the words,
And where to find them,
I stay up late at night thinking over this,
Getting little sleep,
Feeling empty inside,
And I wonder how it got to this.
I see all the beauty around me,
And soon replaced,
Like my memories.
How can I make sense of nonsense?
That's all it is.
Forrest Gump taught me,
Jenny, I don't know if Momma was right or if, if it's Lieutenant Dan. I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think maybe it's both. Maybe both is happening at the same time.
I'm looking for meaning in the possible meaningless,
We're all searching through the sands of time to find treasure,
And we bottle that sand and we shelve it.
We may look back at that sand and regard it as the treasure we need to find,
But we keep digging,
We keep looking for that treasure,
When it was in front of us this whole time.
Appreciate the little things in life,
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 8 7
The Words I seek cannot be found
Constant Deja Vu,
A fear of waking up to the sound of a loud alarm,
The constant ticking,
Keeping me up until 5 AM,
And thus I set off,
There will hopefully be peace when I am done,
But my work hasn't yet started,
Call it irony when the High School bullies you think have changed,
Have only worsened, and are suffering the swift fate of justice,
Call it irony when their brother died for his country,
And you believe them to be guided to follow his moral code,
When only they become ensnared in a disgusting act of violence,
And my perceptions change,
That these noble men who live in the footsteps of their brother,
Have only tarnished his image.
I fear the words I seek cannot be found,
For they don't exist,
And the only word I can find is pity,
For that's all they'll ever find from me.
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 3 4
Untitled Prologue: Magical Mystery Tour
The incessant ticking of the clock.
He drowns himself in it, and remembers. Everything.
The thoughts fly by too fast, but he still remembers the dream.
His left arm is at a 45 degree angle towards him, palm facing him, and the green strips of ribbon cascade in a spiral around his arm, starting from his wrist halfway down to his elbow. Inside the two border strips are purple diamonds.
He can't make sense of why this image pops into his mind.
The clock on the wall and his alarm clock tick simulatenously. Incessant. (The Master and his drums.)
Everything else drowns out, and it always comes back to the clock.
Another hour, another day, another thought whirls by, each as insignificant as the one previous, yet he regards time as a precious jewel. So many things in his life have challenged this thought, but it remains, hoping one day he could use time travel, even though he knows the risks of cause and effect and doesn't believe it's a "big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff." It doesn'
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 3 5
I'm not the Heartbreaker
If you love something, set it free.
If it comes back to you, it's yours.

I'm the Heartbroken.
Even when I find there's a problem,
I try to look past it,
And there it goes,
Sneaking up past me,
How am I supposed to come back?
If you truly loved, you wouldn't let them go.
If you tell them you don't love them, then they're free to go.
Why should they stay?
And why do I feel guilty?
I'm the victim.
I was given my notice.
And I moved on.
Sort of.
I don't even know what to call what I'm doing anymore.
But I know for a fact I'm not coming back.
I have no reason to.
Come back and watch it unfold on me a second time?
No, I learned about that a long time ago.
So I wait in the darkness, letting the light under the door blind me, until I'm brought out again.
As it always happens.
But who am I to complain?
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 5 12
Things Better Left Unsaid
I repeat the things in my head simultaneously,
It's usually several things at once,
And that's how I got here.
I've come down with a case of humanity.
It involves headaches, nausea, heart pains and sighs,
Rage and memory loss,
Being unable to speak.
And so I write,
Without knowing what to write,
And I say,
Without knowing what to say,
And I think,
Without knowing what to think. Anymore, at least.
If I ever knew how to do any of these.
But these things are better left unsaid,
Because the blame's put on me for these things,
And not anyone else.
I'm given a thousand burdens and can only handle one or two at the most.
Life's a great burden.
But it can be molded to perfection in the right hands.
I had the right mold, I had the right phrasings,
But the mold shattered with my heart and my head.
What you're reading now is the runover from my melted self.
Everything boiled down to this. Literally.  
And so I continue to write without knowing what to say,
And I continue to talk without know
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 5 5
Rambling Thoughts,
Errors made,
Not double-checking myself.
Just one of those days,
In the weeks that melt like sand,
In the years that seem filled with everything,
And nothing all at once.
And I procrastinate.
I spend hours doing nothing.
I feel bad about it, sure,
But there's glimpses of hope in between,
That make it all worthwhile.
And here I sit, telling you,
While you procrastinate too.
Or are you?
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 3 5
This World
This World is not my World.
This World is alien to me.
I'm alien to its customs, beliefs, people, processes.
I don't understand any of it.
The truth is out there.
There are people like me.
People who don't understand this life,
But we don't say anything.
We're the Wallflowers.
We keep our mouths shut because we don't speak out.
But I want to.
I want to tell the people.
Tell them about the rage, fear, love, greed and injustice that binds us together and draws us apart.
It's slowly killing us all.
These beliefs are the core to the Universe, and no one seems to understand.
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 0 0
Water, Water Everywhere
The words can flow like a river,
Or be hidden like tears in rain,
And you've disguised your words,
In the game you still play,
If you want to talk, talk,
But if you don't, then don't,
As simple as that.
But I'm not in the mood for games,
Not anymore,
I don't wish to be your friend,
It was a terrible idea of yours,
And it was a terrible idea of mine,
To ever believe I should be yours.
But Big River's gone and overflowed,
With not even a teardrop from me,
But a collective downpour of my sanity melting away,
With heavy sighs and a heavy heart,
With loneliness being my companion,
And so I wander the Universe alone,
As the Doctor,
The Wanderer,
The Gray Lantern,
The Shadow,
Whatever you wish to call me,
I flow down the River,
A literal Huck Finn.
Water, water, everywhere; nor any drop to drink.
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 6 11
Don't Leave the Cut Grass
I walked past the cut grass today.
It seems to follow me.
I waded through the teardrops this morning,
Just to find myself coming home,
Wading through the grass.
I wonder what goes through the Gardeners' minds,
When they leave the grass on the sidewalk.
Do they want people to wade through the grass,
As a remembrance that someone cut the grass?
I'm not one of those people,
I don't care if the grass doesn't get cut,
Let the people do it themselves.
Let the people wade through the teardrops,
But don't let them wade through the cut grass,
That's all I ask.
The cut grass is rough and untidy,
And nobody likes looking at it,
Nobody wants to remember it,
Let the winds of change blow them away.
But if it's not a windy day,
Don't leave the cut grass.
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 3 2
And in case I don't see you
How am I supposed to talk to you,
When you're my problem?
It's been weeks.
Of course you believe we're just memories now.
Strangers who met for a short time,
Never to talk again.
I can make up my mind,
But I still don't believe it to be true.
You think about what you did.
You already have? Think about it again.
You wanted happiness, and you got it.
You only lost the person who made you see it's there.
I may be wrong,
But you love him more than you ever loved me.
Even if it's not true, I'd still say it's a fact.
So there we are.
Our bridges collapsed,
The Limbo we built together just dust in the wind.
But one fact is true: We'll never forget what we told each other.
That we loved each other,
A future marriage, kids,
Things lovebirds talk about but don't really understand.
Because you finally got what you deserved, but now I doubt you deserved it.
And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.
:iconrooster5man:Rooster5man 3 0
Cracks in the Countertop
You know there's a problem when you start liking music you didn't like as a kid,
And the Mall plays it constantly.
Boy Bands.
But I let myself delve into the books.
My life is like how I read books.
I read a few pages and then toss them aside,
Unless I find the encouragement to continue reading.
I'd like to say I live in the moment, but what does that even mean?
You need to remember your past, but you keep moving forward.
Living in the moment, where does that even fit in?
There's just so much I could say about her,
But I haven't the time to remember the words.
This is my life: A crack in the countertop.
It can either identity as the meld of two seperate countertops or one that got cracked,
We'll never know.
And maybe that explains why I live in the now: To avoid that question completely.
And keep moving forward.
But remembering why I keep moving forward.
Just because.
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I haven't forgotten about you guys, just real life as always.


Everytime I want to write, I just don't feel the energy to do so.


Maybe I'm content "finally," so I don't feel an urge to let out my feelings when I don't really have any...? If that makes any sense.


So yeah, hope you've all been doing well. Holidays are just around the corner (or so it seems), so I might be back then.


Good night and good luck.

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