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Eeeeh so here this is even though it will bother me that it'll sit in the recent upload bar along with with my photography. I'm not sure why that bugs me, but mixing the two just does. Especially since my digital art isn't something to get all worked up about (yet?). But I'll stop whining, for obviously I'm uploading anyway.

But alas, I'm still alive. Working on another painting (art trade thing, Tiger, it's in the works), will have a tumblr soon, and more photographs to come. Ah, but what am I doing? This is a deviation description not a journal. ^^;


This was suggested to me, and I thought, why not? I haven't painted anywhere near enough AC fan art, and as I'm looking forward to AC3, Connor was as good a subject as ever. Lightly referenced and inspired from the gameplay trailer. As I was flipping the image back and forth, I feel the image reads better with Connor on the left side, but alas, he aims this way in the video and I didn't want to switch the left/right arms just because it sort of looked better. I grew ever more displeased with this as it sat on my desktop, so I figured I should upload before I really didn't like it (but how many times has an artist said THAT).

Assassin's Creed 3
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It's absolutely lovely! This is a huge improvement from some of your earlier pieces, and I'm jealous of your ability to make things look as if you can feel them. That's really hard to achieve digitally. Also, your anatomy and everything is just great. The bow looks a little off (like he's holding it to the side with the bow string facing to the right), but I can completely understand since it's a difficult angle and perspective. :clap:

Your part of the trade is also in the works - well, more of just sitting in a dusty folder at the moment. Now that I'm free of my animal duties, I should have more time to work on art (as soon as I get caught up this weekend in school). :D

Also, yay for tumblr and art and everything. :dummy: