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Anyone here wanna roleplay Roomates with me
So when I started checking this website out it was because I found GND. It wasn't until I found out about Roommates that I realized why it was called Girls Next Door. lol
Hi, I've been a member for four days now. I'm a little lost on how it opperates,or if it's still active. Also I read the comic roomates and loved every second of it! So whoever put that genius on paper, kudos to you sir or madam!
Hey There. We're still operating. We're getting everything back into correct order. The artists themselves have their own galleries, but this is primarily a place to enjoy the series and meet people that enjoy it as well. We're glad you like it! Keep on checking in on Ashe and Pika!
Will do! Glad to see things are lively!
Working on it anyway lol. I've been busy outside of DA, so I've been a bad admin lol. But, things are up and running.
I started reading GND.
Roomates is next.