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                    Welcome to Room 302! The Silent Hill 4 club for DA!


:new:Alright, everything has been updated for the club as far as messages and everything goes. Took a little longer than expected and I do apologize >.<. If you know you submitted something or applied to the club and you don't see it, send me a note and I'll get to it as soon as possible.

As far as getting the club going again, I would like to start a small contest to get things started. More on the contest can be found below under the contest headline.

:new:Also, I would like to start a member gallery spotlight section. If you would like to have your gallery spotlighted, whether you have a collection of Silent Hill art or not, please send a note along with a reason why you would like to have your gallery spotlighted in the SH4 club - Room302.


Your Head Sacraments
:bulletblue::iconsigrunvalskosti: - 20121

If you have any questions, feel free to note me, or note the club.

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If you wish to affiliate, feel free to send a note to the club entitled 'affiliate' or something. Once we get on, we'll note you back and add you to our list. Note: We do except other clubs to affiliate. So if your an anime or music club or something, go for it. We are joyous people lol.

:new::spotlight-left::bulletblue::bulletblue:Silent Hill Game Switch Contest:bulletblue::bulletblue::spotlight-right:

:bulletblue:This contest will be about switching Silent Hill with another game. Place any character(s) in a another game. But just place them into one game, no more. Make it as if the characters are original to that game.

ex: Placing the character(s) of your choice into the game Metroid, Mario, Resident Evil, etc.

No copyright pictures(aka no official game pictures); I am requesting something 100% original please. Be creative ^^.

Alright, Contest has been extended due to the lack of entries. So I'll push it back until May 31st, 2009 for now.

:new:Deadline: May 31, 2009  11:59PM

Contest Journal


If you wish to join the specially tactical advanced club of Silent Hill 4. Simply follow these rules.

1. First of all you should be reading these rules. If your reading me type hungadungafeh then your on the right track. :XD:
2. Send the club a note entitled 'Sacrafice'. This will ensure that you have taken the time to read the rules.
3. DevWatch the club, and add our icon somewhere in your page.
4. After you've been devWatched in return, just make sure that you read the updates for contests and such. You are now free to submit work and all that good stuff.:w00t:
5. The last rule is that you do not harass the club, or any of the members in the club. This will result in a direct ban.

What is Silent Hill you ask?

Here let us tell you. Silent Hill is a survival horror game by Konami:worship:, that was started on the original playstation. They mostly involve a cult of some sort that is amazingly obsessed with trying to find a way to birth god. All of this is happening in a tourist attraction town called Silent Hill.
Currently there arer four installments to the game. The latest one being Silent Hill 4: The Room. Which is obviously what this club is about. :XD:

What is Silent Hill 4: The Room about you ask?

Here let us tell you. Silent Hill 4 :The Room, or SH4 for short is the latest installment to Konami's :worship: Silent Hill series. It is not a continuation of any of the SH games but does include references of their own to it's predacesors.
Anyway, back to the storyline. SH4 is about a man named Henry Townsend who finds himself trapped in his apartment room 302 (Name ring a bell lol). After 3 days, he looks in his bathroom and finds a hole that connects to a alternate universe. He enters this hole searching for a way out...

:jsenn:FanArt Submitting:jsenn:

Alright here's the dilio on submitting your SH4 work. You can submit as much work as you wish. The only instructions are that you mark the note 'fanart', and that you put a link or id# in the note, and whether or not it's a spoiler. We'll handle the rest. As soon as we post your work, we will reply to you telling you we did so.

:fuzzydemon:Favouriting Member Art
No longer are we favoriting our member's art. It is against DevArt policy. If your unsure what we are talking about. You can check the link below to get the lowdown on the official rules.

The Rules

:jsenn:FanFic Submissions:jsenn:
We are as always accepting fanfics from anyone. Just simply send us a link and I shall link it on this page. When we get enough fanfics, I shall creating a seperate page to put them. But until then, they shall be placed here. Also when submitting a fic, if there is a pairing please list it, and a brief summary of the chapter or story. If you don't send me a summary, I shall give my own.

Room 302 of the Past
-Henry and Eileen make it down to room 302 of the past and decide to take a little rest stop. If you don't know what I mean about 'room 302 of the past,' then you may be spoiled by reading this.


Check out the club's member's and sacrament numbers.

Check out the SH4 artwork other members have submitted.

Enter the ooper fun SH4 club contests, and win cool prizes.

:bulletblue:SH5 Rumor Forum:whisper:
Talk with other members about the SH5 games, and discuss your knowledge.

:bulletblue:Silent Hill Movie Info
Entry with information about the yet to be released Silent Hill movie. Pictures of the actors & actresses included.

:bulletblue:SH4 Poll #1
Who is your favorite Character?

:bulletblue:SH4 Poll #2
How long did it take you to finish the game?

                                           Silent Hill Sites and other Related

:bulletred:Silent Hill 4 Official Site :: U.S
Official SH4 site in English

:bulletred:Silent Hill Movie Info
Information on the Silent Hill movie, and it's updates.

:bulletred:Silent Hill 5 Info
Information that's been release for Konami's next installment in the Silent Hill series.

A Silent Hill RPG forum where you roleplay your own Silent Hill created character in your own story with other people.

:bulletred:Teh Ghetto
A fun and random Silent Hill forum.


All rights are reserved.
©Silent Hill
©All Art in this club belong to their respected owners.


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