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Digital Woodgrains - Textures



So I totally HAND MADE you guys some wood to use for all your digital-wood needs. These were all made by hand in Photoshop, and yes, they are not recolors. Each one is entirely different from the other, and get this:

I totally studied the different types of wood to see how grainy/not grainy and knotty/not knotty (naughty? :eyes:) they are, and incorporated that into the designs. AWESOME? I know, right!

From left to right: Mahogany, Cherry, Golden Oak, White/Ashy Birch. All in PNG format, all are 1000x1000 pixels.

If you use 'em, you should provide me with a link back to your work! I'd love to see 'em :>

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: Rules 'n Such! :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow:

:bulletred:Do not redistribute this image pack on deviantART or any other website.

:bulletblue: You can use these without asking! You can use these images in deviations, web design, prints, commissions, and any commercial purposes! Yes, you can make money from this! By all means!

:bulletblue:You don't have to give me credit, but it would be nice!< A comment, a favorite, or a link back to this account would be KICKASS. Feel free to link what you've done as well, and I'll add it to my favorites!

:bulletgreen: I'm having a point drive! On my main account, *x-Rook-x, I'm trying to get 9,001 points! Why 9,001? BECAUSE IT IS OVER 9000. Yeah, I referenced a meme. I should probably be disowned. The real reason I'm doing the point drive, though, is to get a dA art bag and a sketch artists' insert. It is not even remotely necessary for you to donate to me, but it is a nice thought and I'd be eternally grateful!

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Thanks for making these available.

Helped me out in a pinch. Used them today for this:

From the Darkside to the Tropics – New on Shelves this Week!

Acknowledged your work at the end. Thanks again!! -Jason