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Fireteam Metal

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I spy a super-Mantis in the background. God, I wish 343i would let us fight some scarabs with it, or fight scarabs at all.

This is not my favourite style but this artwork is so beautiful.

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This was a bit of a departure from what I usually do but I wanted to do something in the vein of LordHayabusa357's highly populated and hyper chaotic scenes, but I got proper motivation when I was listening to Immora from the Doom Eternal soundtrack, and the intro scene i thought fit the right tone

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Good stuff overall.

On the matter of gun sizes, as several other people have already commented, do you believe there should be weapons in the UNSC's arsenal that are dedicated for Spartan use aka they're too big to be wielded effectively by normal humans? I don't know if there already are, but I want your input on this matter.

I think it would make sense in the context of having a primary firearm that is more in line with the role of a Spartan as a tactical strike unit. For example, in Warhammer 40k, the boltgun is the standard armament of the Adeptus Astartes, a gun that packs a huge punch and is normally too big, unwieldy, and dangerous to be given to standard unaugmented humans, but fits well in the Space Marine's purpose on the field: as a rapid, hard-hitting SPF unit meant to decapitate C2 bases, supply nodes, or other more important support zone units and then retreat before a proper response can be called upon them. Spartans, Space Marines, and general supersoldiers fulfill relatively the same function in their respective militaries.

Also, don't you think the UNSC would've built weapons specifically for Spartans by the time of Halo 5/Infinite considering the types and toughness of aliens they have encountered?

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I'm not ignoring this, I do want to answer but it's going to be a longer answer and I haven't had the time lately

Tried to understand that weapon talk but as non-player, I am hopelessly lost. Anyhow, in modern armies' special forces no-one gives a damn about weapon you use, as long as it makes the work done and eats one of a few approved types of ammunition. This keeps logistics demons at bay and everyone is happy. I expect this should be true for space age grunts even more. So ..... COOL IMAGE!!!! *thumbs up* :-)

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Yeah I was speaking more to the technical aspects of having to scale a weapon in the program I use, the other guy was going on a logistics rant.

Basically, the guns in Halo change size in some games when theyre in the hands of regular troops as opposed to the Spartan super soldiers. Guns are usually just scaled to the spartan then shrink in the hands of Marines in some games but I've learned to make the size of the guns consistent in my scenes.

I dunno how the other guy thought i was of the opinion that Halo's military entities would manufacture guns in different sizes for different people.

Wow so cool this pic! Especially these guns, how did you create it!? If your looking for extra ways to earn money online as an artist, you might want to checkout this training; I’ve been trying it out but I’ve heard that artists and people with other creative skills do the best so maybe it would work for you better than me

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Frickin’ badass!

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Hmm the download doesn't work

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I'll mess around with it later, thanks for letting me know

Oh wait, somebody finally realised that 180-cm Marines and 210+cm Spartan II's can't(and shouldn't) use the same equipment:D

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I can get behind that idea, only thing is that you want to be able to have universal loadouts that apply to majority of your fighting force especially with the possibility of equipment failure.

CE just kept the weapon scale for the Spartan and as a result it looked bulky as shit in the hands of Marines, which I wouldn't recommend but at least they were consistent. There is a happy middle ground, where I havent had to scale weapons like the MA37, MA5, M90, and BR55 one way or another to fit different characters, especially in the same scene. As for the rest of the gear, it's a trip. The DMR especially barely fits a Marine's finger.

No one is going to produce "upscaled" guns for a few hundred soldiers.

Considering both gameplay(you usually end up using captured guns anyway, unless you can find semiauto with ammo) and lore(Spartan II is an equal counterpart to Sangheili warriors as shown by Arbi and Chief) of the series, I'd say that they should be using captured Elite weaponry mixed in with heavy weapons platoons equipment.

From human weapons list it should have been heavy/general purpose machine guns, automatic grenade launchers, antimateriel/antitank rifles, high caliber sniper rifles, flamethrowers, recoilless rifles, mortars, shoulder mounted autocannons(think of it as GSh-23 in same configuration as shoulder mounted 10mm minigun in Fallout New Vegas) and guided missiles.

Basically take any guns that can be mounted on the cursed oversized ATV/quadbike for thee ie Warthog. I've noticed you give one of your Spartans gauss cannon(aka the only gun that justifies Warthog's existence) so that's why I commented.

So the only properly armed Spartan II was Jorge.

And even in his case it was sabotaged by the vile ever present "chainsaw grip"(which was inspired by Aliens and Terminator 2/Predator. Except in Aliens the smart gun in mounted onto exorig) instead of properly shouldering it.

But that doesn't matter as the serious was becoming more and more ridiculuos with each new installment and especially comic/book.

Let’s go everyone!!

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I like me this fireteam, and I see Gauss Gunner's back!

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