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Tides Turn
Verse 1:
Deprived of the chance for relief
Hear them
Out to the free world for help
It's your nation
You're allegedly responible for them
They say power
Corrupts, you're the perfect proof of that
Tides turn while you feed your self-indulgence
Watch the surface wave
High time your deeds took their toll on you
You've dug your own grave
Verse 2:
You can't seem to comprehend
That violence just won't hold them down
Commanding the troops from behind
The desk, to fight their own
The temperature is rising
The tension is building
The spirit is breaking through
It won't be long now
The world is watching
The moment is to come soon
Violence is not the answer!
Nothing can stop the revolt!
There's been enough suffering!
When they break loose the walls just won't hold!
We must break the ties!
We must tear the lies!
There's no place for him in our home!
:iconrookie0ne:Rookie0ne 0 3
Stream of consciousness
"Careful what you wish, you'll never get it."
There's so many things I wish I had. For instance, I wish I had not taken back so many words. I wish I had not done all the things I did to hurt.
I wish I could take a break. A break from my life. A break from what I am, what I'm trying to be and what I'm being turned into, what everybody else expects from me.
I'd like to - no, I want to fall in love. In true, deep love, requited and with no strings attached.
I want to see the mountains again. I want to go there. With my friends.
Yeah, right. They're not here. I've got new friends. We're all in the same shitstorm, but it's just totally different. Damn, I wish I had the only true friend I have left here.
I wish I could spend the time differently. Instead, her face stares at me from the plastic screen again, grinning, with her blue eyes piercing me like needles, as if taking the mickey on me. 'Look, the jester got what he asked for!' It's already been ages since I felt anythin
:iconrookie0ne:Rookie0ne 0 3
Options by Rookie0ne Options :iconrookie0ne:Rookie0ne 0 4 Dragon Khan by Rookie0ne Dragon Khan :iconrookie0ne:Rookie0ne 0 3
Verse 1:
I've seen it already so many times
You can't seem to get down with your shit
How come your speech's so intricate
When all your bloody thoughts are split?
And the stars shine bright tonight
And the feeling is just right
What a perfect time to die
As the memories pass me by
And then I cry out
Why do I bother?
It's just the way it be
Why do you blather?
What do you want from me?
I'm condescended
By your hipocrisy
Now you're offended
But see that you're the one who attacked
Verse 2:
You're stranded on your selfishness and pride
Can't you see nobody wants to play your game?
I'm telling you I've had enough of overconfidence
But here you come doing all the same
And that's when fists start to fly
Turn around and bid goodbye
Can't contain this rising tide
While our sorrows still reside
Verse 3:
You will never make me bleed
You can threat and you can plead
Only you can settle this
Ego problem that persists
:iconrookie0ne:Rookie0ne 1 7
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Rookie's Rant I :iconrookie0ne:Rookie0ne 0 0
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Not Important
I've got my internet connection back! :)

I've opened myself a new account. This one will be discontinued, since most of the stuff I posted here is somewhat immature and, in general, crap.

See you guys at my new profile: :iconinequation:

:iconoribi: :iconherz: :icondarkflare666: :iconarinaemystery:

:iconpolska: :iconmetalmusic: :iconsystemofadown: :iconenemyterritory: :icondagamers: :iconlost-fans: :iconlostclub: :iconsxe-pl: :icondoomc:
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