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Fantasy Animals VOL V


Gryphon class is a clade of avian-like animals that is actually a sister taxon to true birds. The class possesses only three orders and eight families with distinct features. The Gryphon body structure indicates that they have hollow bones which make the class mostly a pack hunter.  



The Hippogriff is the largest species of gryphons and the largest species of its family Hippoforms that belong to order True Gryphons. It mostly feeds on dead corpses making it a professional scavenger. Like vultures Hippogriffs seek for a lifeless animal, sometimes moving in flocks, and detecting a decomposing body with their supreme sense of smell. Nevertheless, their curved down beaks, protracted snout, and elongated limbs allow them to fish in shallow waters. Male Hippogriffs, unlike most gryphons, are polygamous and exhibit an exotic throat skin sac that they inflate during the courtship.      



The Pengogriff or Sea-Griffin is a representative of a family Gryphon-Marine that belongs to an order of Water Gryphons. This species is completely piscivorous and hunts in small family groups.



Being the heaviest and the second biggest Gryphon, the Peryton is a solitary herbivorous animal that belongs to a family Perytonoforms from order Horned Gryphons.  Both males and females display antler-like bony horns that not only utilized as a defense mechanism but also help to stabilize flight.  


Common Griffin

A representative of a family Long Tailed Griffins and an order of True Gryphons, Common Griffin is a species that resides near woodlands and open valleys. With its distinctive elongated ears Griffin is one of the most universally recognized Gryphon genus, additionally, it is one of the largest species of its family and females can grow even larger. Due to their supreme intellectual capacities, Griffins are tamed by Oominor settlers to protect their dwelling areas. Moreover, the Common Griffin is strictly territorial critter and will defend their territories highly aggressively. Griffins are monogamous and are bounded to coexist together in small family groups where females usually take leading roles; however, the species’ matriarchy is versatile and rarely males might take the dominant portrayal.      


Common Opinicus

The Common Opinicus are characterized by all features of its family Short Tailed Griffins, including robust beak, short tail, and enduring eagle-like wings. The species is normally solitary, but can coexist in pairs, and hunt small preys over a wide territory.



The Alce, also known as Raven-Griffin, is a member of the Short-Faced Gryphon family and can be found all over the world of Oominor. Like ravens and parrots, Alce displays a high level of cognitive abilities like insight and imitating the vocals of other animals. Likewise, alces form a flock or a group headed by a dominant female. This group is superbly similar to the beehives or even human function of city-states, where animals are divided by specific occupations like fruit gatherers, anglers, soldiers, nursery keepers, etc. And unlike insects, their job dodge can be switched.  


Giant Axex

Giant Axex is a Fan-Tailed Gryphon that lives near water bodies retaining a piscivorous diet. The Axex designates mostly terrestrial life-style and rarely takes off the ground.  


The Pixiu is the biggest species of the smallest family of Gryphons known as Sparrow Gryphons. The adult male color ranges from almost uniform yellow to bright-orange hues. 

Fantasy Animals VOL III by Roojoeus Fantasy Animals VOL II by Roojoeus

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Your creatures are otherworldly amazing!

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Oooh, griffins! And some really unique designs too - I have never seen anything like the pengogriff before, nor the giant axex.


Now that's one unusual design for a hippogriff. Love how you did the feet and the head! It's also an interesting take to make them scavengers - you rarely hear about that. I do find it interesting how large they are. Compared to humans they are huge, and I wonder what kind of animal would be able to feed a flock of these. There must be some really large animals around in your world. (Then again, an adult polar unicorn or indrik might do the trick. Not sure if they live in the same areas, though.)

I like the idea of the throat skin sacs too. Haven't really seen that before either on griffins, but it's a great idea and I can totally see this happening.


"Unique" covers this well. I may have created some fishing griffin species myself, but those were always osprey-based. They seem like master swimmers, but more clumsy on land. I imagine them to be quite a bit like seals there :XD: So rather slow and clumsy.

Wonder how they do it with their chicks (would guess it's called griffin chicks? Or is it cubs?), though. Neither penguins nor seals are able to swim when they are very young. I presume they do it quite similar to seals, and leave the chicks alone while the parents go hunting. This would, of course, force them to give live birth - I can't really imagine pengogriffs making nests or brood eggs.

No idea if griffins in general lay eggs or give live birth, really. I can imagine both when it comes to most species. You would be able to have both too - certain types of snakes give live birth too, while others don't.


Yet another of the "have never seen a creature like this". Love the antlers/horns - they do remind me of moose antlers with velvet :XD: I presume they play a role in courtship too, considering perytons are solitary animals (and therefore presumably polygamous). The larger horns, the more impressive the partner. I can also see them being used in battles about dominance, quite like with deer/sheep/antelopes today. They lack the typical antlers points, but this shouldn't really be a problem.

I presume they'll get hunted for the horns too. I imagine you can get quite a nice price for them on the black market.

Also - herbivorous griffins? Great idea, really. Ducks, geese and such eat grass too, after all.

Common griffin

Ah, an owl-inspired one. Considering the large eyes and ears, it seems reasonable they are nocturnal - or at least not very active during the day. This would, of course, make them excellent at guarding areas during the night. Basically - perfect nightguards. Makes a lot of sense for the settlers to tame them, really. Provided there's enough food - because they are rather large, and they will need quite some food. Especially if you want to keep a family group.

Common opinicus

First of all - love that pose, with the prance and those wings. This critter looks regal. Also, a very classical griffin, but still one which looks natural and "connected". Not like someone just mixed different animals together. Also, considering their size - would humans count as "small prey"? I can imagine them attacking humans if other food is scarce. I can imagine them attacking livestock too, and being hunted for this.

Then again, they might also be trained by the military just because of this. If they train the ramaroo, it would make sense to train griffins too. They would make one hell of a war steed. (And I would totally love to fly one.)


Another fun one. I love the design - I really like black creatures :XD:

I find the idea of their societies very interesting too. To some degree you have different roles in certain other animals too - for example different hunting roles when it comes to larger wolf packs, wolf babysitters, lions where the females hunt and the males tend to protect the territory, etc. None of those are this well organized, though. But if they have high congnitive abilities, it's certainly not off the table.

Giant axex

Another unique design. The long neck and legs give them a very elegant look, but I doubt they'll be as elegant fliers. Might take them a while to be able to take flight too - a bit like swans, who have to run for a little while to be able to get enough speed.

I do imagine they will be fast runners, though, with those long legs.

Also, love the colors. I imagine the males have brighter colors than the females, especially during the spring. They might even get a breeding plumage, with longer fancy feathers.

For some reason, I also imagine them doing courtship dances, a bit like cranes do.


Think I've already told you I have a weak spot for minigriffins, and this is not exception. This one is cute! Love the big eyes too - my minigriffins always end up looking really fierce, which isn't the case here :XD:

Oh, and I'm totally down for keeping one as a pet. If they are smart I'm sure they could also be used as messengers, a bit like we used doves/pigeons earlier on.

I can see them living in small colonies too, and making a lot of noise. A bit like sparrows and some other small birds, really.

...Totally going to use some of those designs as inspiration for my own griffins :la: Especially the giant axex.

Roojoeus's avatar

Thank you so much!

Your detailed comments are always fun to read. I still think it's a talent to be capable of creating such descriptive and yet interesting texts. The aspect I definitely lack.

I tried to make griffins unique but still wanted to keep the iconic look. Initially, I sketched them possessing four limbs (including wings) making them walk like bats or pterosaurs. But... then the final version represents them in the more classic format :giggle:

BTW, there are animals in Oominor that are humongous and can easily reach 50 metric tons. So hippogriffs won't starve.

I have never thought my art can inspire someone, I'm honored.

I can't wait to see your griffins.

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It's amazing to see many different kinds of gryphons! I haven't seen anyone do this before so it's always refreshing to see your designs, descriptions, and art of creatures. :)

Roojoeus's avatar

Awww. Thank you!

I'm so happy you liked it, I'm honored.

sketchydreamwanderer's avatar

No prob! Your works are always so creative. :)

How big are these creatures?

Roojoeus's avatar

On the right upper corner of the post, you can see the size chart of the griffins compared to a human body. I'm so sorry if it is not visible enough, I will try to draw it differently in the future.

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i want a pixiu please

ssleepy's avatar

I love your interpretation of the peryton, the antlers are so clever!!

Roojoeus's avatar

Thank you! That's so nice of you XD

RPerboni's avatar

Loved how you made the claws into hooves on the Hippogriff and the Peryton.

And is the Alce from some particular myth/folk tale? Never heard of such creature (And Alce in my native language translates into "moose")

Roojoeus's avatar

Sorry for the confusion.

Roojoeus's avatar

Yeah, Alces scientific Latin name of a moose. That's probably why in Portuguese it's named Alce. But I got the name from Greek mythology

RPerboni's avatar

No need to be sorry. Thanks for the info ^^

KnockoutNorko87's avatar

The varieties you create to those fantastic beasts is truly.... fantastic!

And the description of them and the scientific names you have everything.

Though they might be a little bit oversized I think.

Roojoeus's avatar

They are oversized for our world but the world of Oominor has a bit altered gravity due to the influence of the border world. I'll try to explain it as soon as possible.

KnockoutNorko87's avatar

Border world you say? Sounds interesting....

Roojoeus's avatar

There is a slight explanation here

Newro Qalheim - The Young Mage
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