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Same as before.
Ideas, suggestions and the such go in the comments below.
I must remind you all though.
Just because you left a suggestion DOES NOT mean I'm automatically obliged to do it.
I will take it into consideration.  
I've only just realised that Vore day's around the corner.
So now I'm open to suggestions.
The catch? They can only be vore related ones.
As of this moment, I'm having two weeks off work.
And given the crap I had to deal with lately, let's just say it's well deserved.
Unlike before, though, I'm staying home this time.
A couple things:
a) I will try to use this time to get at least a couple requests done. But please, please, pretty please...
It's hard enough to get one done given the time I have. It's even worse when SOME people (You know who you are) always request something, constantly nag and ask me about it, and then as soon as it's done MAKE ANOTHER REQUEST AFTER!
I'll get it done when I can, okay!?
b) In terms of the suggestion boxes.
Just to get this clear: Just because you made a suggestion, does NOT mean I'm immediately obliged to actually do it.
Requests are one thing. But suggestions are another different thing entirely.
She was one of my parent's dogs.
A beautiful Golden Retriever. Always happy to see you. Always wagging her tail. Always there to pinch my hat or to take bits of my lunch.
But not anymore.
Lately we noticed she wasn't herself, so we took her to a vet.
Millie was diagnosed with leukemia.
It was decided that the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep.
I still have another dog, same breed named Rosie. If she could speak English, she'd probably be asking:
'Where's Millie?'
Even now, as I write this, I'm finding it hard to fully come to terms to the fact that Millie's gone.
Never again am I gonna see her wag that tail like there's no tomorrow.
Never again is she going to be by my side when I'm having lunch.
Or there to steal my hat when I come home from work.
She was a one of a kind. And now she's gone.
I miss her already.
My golden angel.
Same as before.
Any suggestions, write below.
Small note beforehand:
An earlier suggestion I had done before involved a character I was not too familiar with.
After some quick research, I learned it was technically an underaged character.
Please note that from now on I will look into such details with a fine tooth comb.
And If I get the slightest hint that I'm being bamboozled into doing child porn, I will NOT be doing said suggestion/request.
One last thing: Just so there's no confusion, the age of consent where I'm from is 16 years of age.
'Apparently on the 21st of May, DeviantART will be deleting all accounts. Not please accounts, accounts , but just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. we will know that you're not fake. I'm not sure if this is a rumor or not but better to be safe than sorry.'

If you believe this, then you're quite gullible.
DA would not resort to this under ANY circumstance.
And more so to the point, they would NOT ask you to post ANYTHING in your journal in regards towards the matter.

Don't believe me? Read this:

DeviantART Deleting AccountsThere appears to be a new rumour flying around in various journals and comments that deviantART will be deleting accounts.  The information seems to be spreading using messaging similar to what is here:
On 21 of may, deviantart will be deleting all accounts. Not plz accounts. accounts ,  But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that your not fake.
Thank you for listening
-deviantart staff 
First, allow me to reiterate that there is no truth to this.  DeviantART would never convey information this way and official information is always posted through hq
If you are being spammed with false information, feel free to hide and block the user and report them to the Help Desk.
So what will happen on May 21st? Happy you asked!
May 21st

So unless you're suggesting that Broken/Woken Matt Hardy has taken over DA and wants to:
Then I strongly suggest we forget this stupidity right now. 
Okay, I'm gonna try something new.
In a sense, requests are KINDA open. Yet they're not.
As the title says, if you have an idea of your own to share, leave a comment below.
HOWEVER, I will consider these as SUGGESTIONS, NOT REQUESTS.
Meaning I don't HAVE to do any of them.
Also, as they're suggestions, I reserve the right to alter or combine them as I see fit.
Right, I'm getting straight to the point here:
Please stop asking me for requests.
I haven't reopened yet and in spite of that, I've got people asking me for something or another.
New comers to the scene I can forgive.
And I also admit, I can be a pushover sometimes.
But now I have to be firm about this.
It's unfair to those who haven't asked for anything for a long time and the more I have to do, the longer it's gonna take for me to reopen.
From this point forward, all new requests will be put on hold or ignored all together.
That's your warning.
A few things I'd like to say:

a) Requests are NOT open yet. Please don't ask when they'll reopen, it could take a while.
b) My parents are living with me again, so posts may be short and few.
c) As some of you may remember, I had to take down a render because a porter didn't like the way I used a model he ported. In hind sight, it was because someone asked where I got the model from, which in turn notified the porter and showed them what I did.
In order to prevent that from happening again, I kindly ask everyone NOT to ask me where I got the models from.
My advice is to watch this group here:


That's where I get most of my stuff from.

Talk to you all again soon.
Remember this?
<da:thumb id="710274942"/>
Well, the guy who ported the model has made it clear that they don't want the Power Girl model used for fetish reasons.
Out of respect, I've decided to take it down and not use the model in such a manner again.
You have exactly one week to download this render and then I'm taking it down.
Had my fun in the sun. Now it's business as usual.
Will open requests again soon.
A heads up in advance.
I'm off on holiday for 2 and a half weeks to France next week.
So don't expect much from me for a while.
Hope the very best for you.
And that's all she wrote.

Mature Content

8 Days To Vore Day: Day 7 by roodedude

For all those who didn't get their selection done, don't fret.
I plan to do as many of those as possible tomorrow. Along with something special involving my favourite girl Christie.
Sadly though, it's been brought to my attention that a couple deviants have closed their accounts before I could get round to their suggestions.
Yes, I admit I take more time than it should sometimes.
Yes, I also admit that I tend to let my mouth write cheques that my brain can't cash.
But I plead with you all: DON'T close your accounts because of my tardiness.
Find someone else to do your requests if you must, but don't turn your back on what you believe in most. 

Mature Content

8 Days To Vore Day: Day 5 by roodedude

Mature Content

8 Days To Vore Day: Day 6 by roodedude

Last call. Any new or fresh ideas, it's now or never.
Should've updated earlier, but still:

Mature Content

8 Days To Vore Day: Day 3 by roodedude

Mature Content

8 Days To Vore Day: Day 4 by roodedude

There's still time for fresh ideas.
Just don't bother asking for the following:
Mortal Kombat, Metroid, Bioshock or Tekken.

Mature Content

8 Days Of Vore Day: Day 2 by roodedude

Any other takers?
Remember, I'm not taking any Mortal Kombat or Bioshock ones.
It has begun:

Mature Content

8 Days Of Vore Day: Day 1 by roodedude

Now I'm still willing and prepared to do the other suggestions, but if you're getting second thoughts or better ideas, now would be a good time to share them.
As long as it's not Mortal Kombat. Gonna stick to my guns on that rule.
Vore day is coming soon.
To celebrate, I'm doing a series of renders called the 8 days of vore days (hence the title above)
And I'm going to let you all pick which lady gets the treats for a day.
There's one catch:
You can only pick ONE girl per series (Mileena of Mortal Kombat, Christie of Dead Or Alive etc) per day.
And once that series is done, that's it. (e.g if I do Mileena of Mortal Kombat, than that's it for Mortal Kombat).
In addiction to who's doing the voring, you can also decide who's getting vored.
I will do new journals each day to make it easier for one and all.
There's no real limit to who I will use, but I would like it if you used the models I actually have.
This will carry on until the 7th of August.
Also bear in mind my decisions will be final.
Comment below who you think should be first.
Gonna take a while before I can take more again.
Recently, I got a watcher who made me a request. And then they closed their account because they thought they were being rude to me.
I don't know how or why they got that impression, but let me clear something up here.
I'm not the kinda guy that makes a mountain out of a mole hill. True, life gets me down sometimes. But I never hold a grudge.
If I don't respond to anything, it's most likely because of real life circumstances. Not because I'm pissed off with you.
Try to remember that I have a life beyond the internet and don't hold it against me or you if I don't react in any way.
To the Deviant in question (you know who you are), I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings or upset you in any way.
I'm still willing to complete your request if you're able to get in touch with me again :).