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Crush or cuddle.
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This isn't going to be easy on me, so let's get right to it.
I've had another requestee asking me for a large order of a request that closed their account.
They said I didn't care for them or their story. About being depressed. About how I betrayed them.
I can't even make it up to them because I can't contact them anymore.
And I fear I may have unintentionally pushed them to the point of no return.
Honestly, that all hurts.
It hurts a lot.

But here's the thing people, while I'm good at what I do, I'm still only human.
I can't do everything at once.
And on top of that, I rarely have enough time for such requests anymore.
One single picture or one small comic style is one thing.
But a large collection of single pictures is asking too much of me.
And because I'm such a pushover, I don't have it in me to simply say no.
I know I sound like I'm making excuses. Not even good ones.
But it's the best I have to offer.

Before I thought I was doing good. My absolute best.
But now, I'm beginning to question whether that's good enough.
My problem isn't that I don't care.
It's that sometimes I care too much.

If the requestee in question happens to be reading this, I only have this to say:

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me. :( (Sad) 


roodedude's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Just a guy who likes to mess around on Xnalara XPS.
Just to clarify:
All characters used in my artwork belong to their respectful owners and companies who originally created them. No challenge of copyright is intended, and no profit is made.
It's just for fun.
A word of warning. The majority of my gallery contains material of an adult nature. Do with that what you may.
Rules for requests are as follows:
1. I won't do anything that violates DA's rules.
2. Don't take it personal if I don't respond or answer. I don't wish to make promises I'm not prepared to keep.
3. No minors.
4. No male giants.
5. No piss/scat (farting, I MIGHT do if you ask nicely. No promises)
6. No pregnancy.
7. I reserve the right NOT to post it in my gallery for one reason or another.
9. I mainly do Xnalara stuff, but I also do hand drawn. These take more time, so bear that in mind.
10. If you wish to make a request or suggestion, PLEASE POST IN MY JOURNAL or SEND ME A NOTE.
a) It helps me keep track of what I'm doing.
b) I want the comment sections reserved for the renders themselves.
11. While I try to answer everyone, your chances are better if you're a watcher.
12. If you wish to remain anonymous, say so in advance.
13. Say so if there's a particular outfit/model you want me to use. Otherwise I'm just gonna pick one at random.
14. It's also worth pointing out that some models/topics I will only use when requested to. So don't be afraid to ask.
15. Also I'm willing to do non-fetish based requests.


Sindel's Punishment
Suggested by :iconcmwaters:
Carrying on from…

Kitana: This is all your fault.
Mileena: Oh no! You're not pinning this on me!
Kitana: I can and I will.
Sindel: Enough, the both of you! Now get back to work. And I'd be quick about it if I were you.
The longer you two take, the longer I'm going to wait. And I doubt your two friends can bear this much weight forever.
Jade: Ugh!
Tanya: Too...heavy!
The Morning After
Ellis: Dude! What happened to YOU last night!?
Chris: No questions! Just get me outta here before they wake up!
Jake: And I thought I went to wild parties.

Should I get back into pencil drawing again? 

21 deviants said I'm not bothered. Anything you do is good.
16 deviants said Yeah, sure. Why not?
10 deviants said Yes! Absolutely!
6 deviants said Hell nah! Stick to 3D stuff!
4 deviants said I wouldn't recommend it.


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Hey, do you still do suggestions? I would love to see Rosalina crushing something or someone! No hard feelings if you don't do it though, but I would like to know your thoughts on it :)
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