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Christie's Birthday 2018

  • June 21
  • United Kingdom
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My Bio
Just a guy who likes to mess around on Xnalara XPS.
Just to clarify:
All characters used in my artwork belong to their respectful owners and companies who originally created them. No challenge of copyright is intended, and no profit is made.
It's just for fun.
A word of warning. The majority of my gallery contains material of an adult nature. Do with that what you may.
Rules for requests are as follows:
1. I won't do anything that violates DA's rules.
2. Don't take it personal if I don't respond or answer. I don't wish to make promises I'm not prepared to keep.
3. No minors.
4. No male giants.
5. No piss/scat (farting, I MIGHT do if you ask nicely. No promises)
6. No pregnancy.
7. I reserve the right NOT to post it in my gallery for one reason or another.
9. I mainly do Xnalara stuff, but I also do hand drawn. These take more time, so bear that in mind.
10. If you wish to make a request or suggestion, PLEASE POST IN MY JOURNAL or SEND ME A NOTE.
a) It helps me keep track of what I'm doing.
b) I want the comment sections reserved for the renders themselves.
11. While I try to answer everyone, your chances are better if you're a watcher.
12. If you wish to remain anonymous, say so in advance.
13. Say so if there's a particular outfit/model you want me to use. Otherwise I'm just gonna pick one at random.
14. It's also worth pointing out that some models/topics I will only use when requested to. So don't be afraid to ask.
15. Also I'm willing to do non-fetish based requests.

Favourite Visual Artist
Salvador Dali
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Prodigy, Hadouken!, Combichrist
Favourite Writers
Terry Prattcet
Favourite Games
Sunset Overdrive, Evolve
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox One
Tools of the Trade

Suggestion Box V

Suggestion Box V

As the title says. Suggestions (NOT REQUESTS) to be left below. And remember. Just because you suggested it, doesn't mean I HAVE to do it.
It's now official. Eclipse is now permanent. For better or worse. Love live old DA.

End Of Battleborn

End Of Battleborn

This mainly concerns fans of the models I've been doing. As you may or may not know, Battleborn's servers will be officially ending in January 2021. I don't know not much about ripping models from games, I've only been converting SFM to XPS. However, there's still hope to see your favourite characters here: There are links to all models and programs needed to extract, rig etc. I will continue to do what I can do with what I got: Rath, Deande, Toby, Orendi, Melka and Phoebe. If anyone else wants a shot at rigging, ripping and the such, f

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Hey can I make a birthday request picture


When's your Birthday?

June 12 do you have a model of yang and a model of the Mythra and a model of pyro with a black hoodie

If by Yang you mean RWBY, then yes.

The other two I've never heard of.

TikevhNew Deviant

Hi ! I start some stuff about giantess and vore , come check my page ;)

CMWatersHobbyist General Artist
While IIRC you're not doing request right now, maybe Kitana's Friendship in this video can be a suggestion?…

(OK, was mostly just to share the video)