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             Pokémon trade For a Bulbasaur.

It was a bright, crisp, beautiful day in the golden forest and on this day we findbOur friends Jasper and his Pokémon Pigeon having a nice walk through the fields.

Pigeon the Goodra was skipping a little bit ahead of Jasper but not far enough to lose track of its owner, you see, even though Pigeon was his newest Pokémon it had a very strong bound to him and Jasper had no idea why, but he didn’t really mind and was happy to have made a new friend.

As they walked they saw all types of different Pokémon, there were Mareeps on the plains, Pachirisus in the trees, and Electrikes and Shinxes playing in the grass. Everything just seemed to be perfect thought Jasper, when suddenly he bumped in to the back of Pigeon.
“Pigeon?” he said as he looked up at it, it had completely stopped and was now scanning the horizon Jasper looked around but didn’t see anything.

“Pigeon? What’s wrong?” he asked, suddenly Pigeon turned and covered Jasper, an explosion erupted right where they were standing, Jasper flinched. Pigeon released its master and check him over to make sure he was not marked “Pigeon! Are you ok?” Jasper worried.

“Goood” it cooed thankful its master was not harmed, only after checking on his mater did it turn and face whatever just attack its precious owner.

“DDDRRRRRAAAAA!!!” it rawred at the tall grass, went everything silent, the wind blow and there was no sound, suddenly the grass shook and a different colored Pikachu stepped out of the grass.

Pigeon stood in fount of master with a stern look on its face “Pigeon! That’s a Pikachu! Why is its color different?” he asked but Pigeon was not even listening, then the Pikachu took a step forward and smirked. “Ka ka pii pii!” it said Pigeon twitched but didn’t move, the Pikachu was ready for a battle.

“Ok, Pigeon! Use…” Jasper paused “I-I don’t know any of your moves…”

Pigeon looked at him back only to be hit with an iron tail “Pigeon!!!” screamed Jasper, Pigeon slid back then looked up only to see an electro ball slam onto it leg, Jasper stood there in shock. What should I do, what should I do? He thought, he had never actually gotten the chance to even look at Pigeons moves so he has no idea what to do when it came down to the battle.

Pigeon was in pain, on one knee, but still trying to keep its owner safe. The Pikachu was relentless as it laughed at the sad excuse for a Goodra it just knew it could win, one thunder shock should do, Pigeon stood its ground in front of Jasper when the creature let loose its move, the attack hit as dirt and dust clouded its sight Pigeon thought that would end it but it didn’t even feel it, when the dust cleared Pigeon opened its eyes and was horrified.

There standing in front of it was Jasper, electricity was jump from his body to the ground as he fell to his knees “d-ddrrraaa…” Pigeon was in disbelief, why-why would its master do this? “Pigeon… I’m sorry, I’m a terrible owner I don’t even know your moves.” Jasper started to cry, Pigeon was in complete shock, its master had just protected it and was now was apologizing to it.

 Pigeon reached out and patted its master’s head, then stood up once more.

“Goodra!” Pigeon put it paw out to Jasper, he was confused at first but then got what it was trying to say (I still want to fight with you master) Jasper smiled, wiped the tears from his face and took Pigeons paw.

 “Ok, even though I don’t know any of your moves I want to fight alongside you as a trainer and your friend!” Pigeon was delighted, it pulled it master up into a quick hug then did a strange jester, it put its paw over Jaspers eyes then pointed to its self (watch me) was what it was trying to say, Jasper nodded.

Pigeon faced the Pikachu once again ready for battle, The Pikachu looked a bit bored but jumped up once it saw the battle was starting, Pigeon looked back at him, and Jasper smiled. He watch Pigeon carefully.  “Alright, Pigeon use…”

Pigeons Paw began to glow it looked back at him for the command “Focus Punch!"  It jumped forward landing a direct hit, the Pikachu flew back but landed on its feet “KKKAAAAA!” it screamed, Pigeon smiled as its tail began to glow “Now use… Dragon tail!" Jasper said, Pigeon ran up doing a quick spin and flung the Pikachu up agents a tree, it was down on its knee trying to get up Pigeon was ready to finish this.

“Ok, Pigeon lets finish this! Use…” Pigeon focused all its energy to its core and released a single ball of light into the sky “Draco Meteor!” The ball exploded into a fiery rainstorm falling to the ground, throwing dirt and grass onto the air. When everything settled the Pikachu had fainted, without even thinking Jasper throw a Poke’ball at it, it wiggled three times then it caught.

Jasper melted to the ground “Pigeon… You did it.” He cried, Pigeon sat down in front of him and gave him a big hug “dra goood” it purred to correct him.

 “Yeah, you’re right we did it.”


Later at the pokemon center, Pigeon had come back from getting treated and saw Jasper being patch up by the nurse, it ran over to him looking worried “Don’t worry, he’s just fine all he needs is a hug” Which Pigeon was happy to give.

After they left the center Jasper was looking at the poke’ball trying to decide what to do with the Pikachu he caught, it not like he didn’t want it but he was not sure how to deal with it, as they walked by the Xandy Inn when the poke’ball actually shocked him, “Ouch!” he screamed, Suddenly a strange man ran outside the Inn and grabbed Jaspers wrist.


“Wha-AAAHHHHHH!” Jasper took off running.





Pigeon had had enough of this and stood in between Jasper and the strange man, the man stopped and looked Pigeon over once or twice then said “SMASHING!!” he yelled “This creature has an amazingly strong bond with you!” the man said.

“Oh, ok… thanks mister…?”

“Gabe, Professor's Aid and I need a new subject to study, I was wondering if I could look at your poke’ball?”

Jasper hesitated then handed the poke’ball to him, Gabe looked at it, felt it, smelled it, licked it, then finally had an eureka moment.


“…Yes, yes it is…”


    “I-I uhh…” Jasper looked at the poke’ball, he had no idea how to train something like this, and even though it tried to hurt him and Pigeon he wanted it to have a good life with someone who can rise it right.

    “Will you take good care of it?” Jasper asked.

    “You have my word as a Professor's Aid.”

    “Alright, I’ll trade it to you but let me name it first” Jasper thought really hard. “Its name is Alburn, so please take good care of it.” he handed it to Gabe.

    “Thank you… uhh?”


    “Thank you Jasper, now I will let you pick one of my pokemon to trade you with.” he pulled out a suitcase with three poke’balls in it “Please pick one you like.” Jasper reached in and grabbed the one in the back.

    “I’ll take this one please.” Jasper said.

    “Interesting, why did you pick that one?”

    “Just had a feeling.”

    “I like you Jasper, if you’re ever in town please come and visit me, I’ll let see Alburn.” he shook his hand then walked away “Oh!” he stopped “and her name is Xibalba” and then he was gone. Jasper and Pigeon both looked at each other than the ball. “Alright, Xibalba come on out!” it opened to reveal a small Bulbasaur.

    “H-Hello, there I’m Jasper and this is Pigeon, we’re your new family!” Jasper said trying to seem calm, the little Bulbasaur nodded as jasper picked her up.

    “Let’s be good friends” he smiled.

    “Goooddra!” added Pigeon.

    “Bulda!” it said shyly.

    And they walked on, to the next town together.


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