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So somebody told me if my commission prices is too cheap .. and when i do some reasearches ,i just knew that 80 points is idr 10000 or below 1 dollar .. :"D so sorry if i have to change the price...

I open a cheap mini commisons !!

Special Deal :
if you commish me < 1000 :points: you'll get a free chibi commision !!

Chibi / Super Deformed (SD)
Maximoff Twins by roobosaur98
No Background : 85 Points - 95 :points:
With Background : 110 Points - 130 :points: *based on the complexity*
Add Additional Characters : + 80 Points /characters


Flowery by roobosaur98

No Background : 120 :points: - 150 :points:
With Simple Background : 180 :points: - 220 :points:

Half Body

   Alola Girl by roobosaur98

No Background : 220 Points - 240 :points:

Inktober15 - Day 6 . Tokyo Doll by roobosaur98 Commission fb : Ichigo x Rukia by roobosaur98 Dead Inside by roobosaur98
With Background : 260 Points - 300 :points: *based on the complexity*

Add Additional Characters : + 200 Points /characters

Full Body

8 . Perfect Dose by roobosaur98

No Background : 300 Points - 350 :points:

5 . Sea Pals by roobosaur98 Inktober 15 Day 4 . Curiousity by roobosaur98 Inktober16 . Old City Hippie by roobosaur98

With Background : 380 Points -420 :points: *based on the complexity*

Add Additional Characters : + 280 /characters

Animals/Fantasy Creatures/Pokemon

11 . Continental War by roobosaur98 26 . Oozma Kappa by roobosaur98 Alolan Starters by roobosaur98
No Background :80 Points - 180 :points:
With Background : 100 Points - 200 :points: *based on the complexity*
Add : more Monsters/Pokemons/Animals : + 75 - 150 Points
            Peoples : Half Body : + 200 Points
                         Full Body  : + 280 Points


Do :  - Original Characters
        - Fan Art
        - Animal
        - Fantasy Creatures
        - Pokemon or Fakemon
        - Gijinka

Don't : - E & H
          - Yaoi & Yuri
          - Vehicle
          - Mecha/Robot (android or cyborg is ok)

How to Commish :
send me a note containing :
- the characters do you want me to draw (name,reference)
- number of characters
- background (with/without background) and what should i draw for the background
- anything else like pose,what he/she/it doing,etc.. (it's not really required)


Thanks for the attention :iconarigatouplz:

© 2015 - 2021 roobosaur98
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:noes: Such low prices for amazing work! Please don't underpay yourself! :huggle: :heart:
roobosaur98's avatar afraid if i put the price too high nobody will buy my commission haha ..
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
Pfft that doesnt mean you should underpay yourself.. if people really want to buy your commissions, they'll buy it from the prices you feel reasonable with as well as been fair to yourself.
Please dont underpay yourself hun :huggle: Your art is worth much more than this ♡
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Hmm.. ill consider it ..thanks for your suggestion :D
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Hey there Robo, I was wondering if I can get  a halfbody of my new OC that's still a bit in the works. Forgive the examples please, the other art I have being made isn't finished yet. :(

Usagi: and (Is the best examples I can give while things are still being worked on, you are free to choose any outfit you like but I'll note that she is Asian.)

Pose: Back to back with a black silhouette of whatever she's doing.
roobosaur98's avatar
So it will be 2 characters is it ?? Btw do you want a background or nah ?
pyrosan92's avatar
Nah to the background, just the leaning on the shadow/silhouette
roobosaur98's avatar
Ok...btw ... so i have to draw 2 characters right ?? :iconotlplz: .. so it will be 50 points
roobosaur98's avatar
I mean 40 points
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hello, still open? .3. 
cookiefiolee's avatar
I like a half body…

with a background of bones and flowers plz  c: 
roobosaur98's avatar
Ok it will be 45 points ! Do you mind ??
cookiefiolee's avatar
roobosaur98's avatar
roobosaur98's avatar
And btw you can send the points now ^^ i will start to draw your commision asap
cookiefiolee's avatar
this is really shameful for me xD
for causality i view this again, and.....surprise of deviantart :v

i send the points if this not annoying c: 
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r still open ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)? (?)
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Are these still open? 
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Oh sorry i mean 65 points cause it will be 2 characters to be drawn
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Can I ask for a half body couple (With background)  of these two:
 Gaming nerds by Danielle-chan  Watching the snow by Danielle-chan  Flowers by Danielle-chan  
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