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WTB'11 Bentley Continental GT

By roobi
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Out entry for WTB 2011 Round 5

Balu32 - Goodie - roobi

2011 07
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hazza-85's avatar
This is an amazing car, one of my favorites by the way, but what you have done to it makes it look so good! how do you do this kind of art?? I would love to know, it must be so fun! :)
Ruiner3000's avatar
It reminds me of Saint's Row! :D
Ozkyks's avatar
Me to, it was the first thing I thought about:highfive:
smaxaya's avatar
can you upload it again cuz the link not work for me
Liki03's avatar
So Beautiful♥:D
Blueeyes0001's avatar
IMADYA's avatar
if this were real i would buy it
GKDes1gn's avatar
wwwoooww....greatt work :D
can i use this for free as a background for a mixtape cover????
answer please :)
HearseGurl's avatar
Purple is my fav colour and this is going in faves right now. Also love the shine! :heart:
bluzero8's avatar
really love the colors! :love: :iconpurpleheartplz:
Cairistona's avatar
Mmmm!!! Beautiful, beautful! I love the curves. I want to touch it ...will gladly hand-wash it... And it's my favorite color, too.
cibazoll's avatar
too bubble-gummy and shiny... :)
ember1997's avatar
omg i wunt u is this real?
vinyo's avatar
The girly one!
Samarai's avatar
Now, that's a Bentley I could get behind.
Nicely done.
iBallLeif's avatar
its really nice, but the reflection lags of realism
xGrabx's avatar
Valahogy furának hat az első kerék és a talaj találkozása, meg az orra alatt az árnyék sem tökéletes sztem. Összességében olyan hatást kelt, mintha hátrafelé keskenyedne a gép. Ne értsetek félre, piszkos mód tetszik, de ezek a dolgok így első látásra eléggé feltünőek voltak nekem...
Brutechieftan's avatar
this is my car cuz its purple :iconpurpleheartplz:
blackdoggdesign's avatar
Istenkirályak vagytok, ömézing rifleksön, de nekem úgy hat mintha szét lenne csúszva a kocsi :(
SrCky's avatar
Love the color! :) :+fav:
MetaLeath's avatar
Beautiful car. I love the colour.
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