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Hey everybody!

I finally converted most of my Glass-Icons to Mac-format.
At least those of which I think they are usefull for the mac.
But since I'm already annoyed by thinking about uploading all those icons here on DevArt at once, I've uploaded them to my Webspace and will include the Icons on DevArt later bit by bit.
You can find them here so long:…
LINK IS WORKING NOW! but I had no other choice than making it a download (1.5 mb)!
it's a sitx, you can uncompress it with stuffit expander.

I was told that the .sitx-file made StuffIt Expander crash for some people [thx to: :iconup4fun:] (just checked - not for me), so I uploaded a .zip for all that are experiencing crashes:…

have fun, hope you like 'em! :)

P.S.: If you didn't know: you can easyly change the icon of every program by clicking once on the program, open its information (Apple-i), clicking on the small program-icon in the top-left and drag&drop the new icon there,  or just paste it, if you copied it already:)
you can restore it anytime by clicking the new icon in the information-window again and pressing "backspace"/"delete" on the keyboard.
the dock-icons will automatically change :)

I just realized that most of you will wanna know what's in the 54-pieces-pack before downloading ;) Here's a list (with links to previews here on DA - those downloads are not for mac! the links are ONLY for previews!):

- Azureus and Azureus black - sorry, no preview yet!
- CD - Burning
- Cinema 4D
- Command 'n' Conquer Generals
- Command 'n' Conquer Generals - Zero Hour
- Doom 3 - sorry, no preview yet!
- Download - sorry, no preview (yet?)!
- DreamweaverMX
- DreamweaverMX - 2nd version
- Textedit
- Empty Folder
- Entourage
- Excel
- Firefox
- FlashMX
- FlashMX - 2nd version
- Google Earth - sorry, no preview yet!
- Harddisk
- Illustrator CS - sorry, no preview yet!
- Mail (not Apple's Mail!)
- MSN - Messenger - 4 versions
- Music
- My Documents
- Opera
- Photoshop CS
- Photoshop CS2
- Powerpoint
- Quake 3
- Quake 4
- Quicktime
- Radioactive - 2 versions
- Safari
- Skype - 2 versions
- Terminal
- Thunderbird
- Trash (full and empty)
- USB-Stick - sorry, no preview yet!
- Videolan (aka VLC)
- Warcraft3 - RoC
- Word
- WoW + BC (2 versions of BC)
- WoW - Wrath of the Lich King - 3 versions
© 2010 - 2021 rontz
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Hi there,
I love your collection. It would be perfect if you make an icon for iCal.
rontz's avatar
hi there!
thanks a lot, glad you like this stuff :)
got some more icons comin', iCal not yet, so far, but I'll add it :)