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There are several places around the web where you can find (and buy) some of my work, which is mostly photography atm.

My blog: Creative thoughts...  - not selling any stuff here
My logodesigns: Portfolio  - not selling any stuff directly
BrandCrowd: Selling high quality logos here
theLogoMix: Various logodesigns for sale
Twitter: rontz  - not selling any stuff here
flickr: rontz-design - not selling any stuff here
DeviantArt: All my DA-prints in one spot
500px: Selling some photos - I suggest buying prints elsewhere, as there are no size- or pricing-options which results in high print prices
ARTFLAKES: Selling some photos as prints
Posterlounge: Selling some photos as prints
amazon: Selling some photos as prings
eBay: Selling some photos as prints
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Hey everybody!

I finally converted most of my Glass-Icons to Mac-format.
At least those of which I think they are usefull for the mac.
But since I'm already annoyed by thinking about uploading all those icons here on DevArt at once, I've uploaded them to my Webspace and will include the Icons on DevArt later bit by bit.
You can find them here so long:…
LINK IS WORKING NOW! but I had no other choice than making it a download (1.5 mb)!
it's a sitx, you can uncompress it with stuffit expander.

I was told that the .sitx-file made StuffIt Expander crash for some people [thx to: :iconup4fun:] (just checked - not for me), so I uploaded a .zip for all that are experiencing crashes:…

have fun, hope you like 'em! :)

P.S.: If you didn't know: you can easyly change the icon of every program by clicking once on the program, open its information (Apple-i), clicking on the small program-icon in the top-left and drag&drop the new icon there,  or just paste it, if you copied it already:)
you can restore it anytime by clicking the new icon in the information-window again and pressing "backspace"/"delete" on the keyboard.
the dock-icons will automatically change :)

I just realized that most of you will wanna know what's in the 54-pieces-pack before downloading ;) Here's a list (with links to previews here on DA - those downloads are not for mac! the links are ONLY for previews!):

- Azureus and Azureus black - sorry, no preview yet!
- CD - Burning
- Cinema 4D
- Command 'n' Conquer Generals
- Command 'n' Conquer Generals - Zero Hour
- Doom 3 - sorry, no preview yet!
- Download - sorry, no preview (yet?)!
- DreamweaverMX
- DreamweaverMX - 2nd version
- Textedit
- Empty Folder
- Entourage
- Excel
- Firefox
- FlashMX
- FlashMX - 2nd version
- Google Earth - sorry, no preview yet!
- Harddisk
- Illustrator CS - sorry, no preview yet!
- Mail (not Apple's Mail!)
- MSN - Messenger - 4 versions
- Music
- My Documents
- Opera
- Photoshop CS
- Photoshop CS2
- Powerpoint
- Quake 3
- Quake 4
- Quicktime
- Radioactive - 2 versions
- Safari
- Skype - 2 versions
- Terminal
- Thunderbird
- Trash (full and empty)
- USB-Stick - sorry, no preview yet!
- Videolan (aka VLC)
- Warcraft3 - RoC
- Word
- WoW + BC (2 versions of BC)
- WoW - Wrath of the Lich King - 3 versions
Hey guys,

got some new Google Wave Beta Account invitations left, 8 at the moment.
If you want to get one, please send me a note with your mailadress.

Don't get nervous if it doesn't arrive immediately, Google says following:

"Invite others to Google Wave

Google Wave is more fun when you have others to wave with, so please nominate people you would like to add. Keep in mind that this is a preview so it could be a bit rocky at times.

Invitations will not be sent immediately. We have a lot of stamps to lick.

Happy waving! "

You have no idea what Google Wave is? Check this out:…

See ya:)

8 invitations left!
Hey guys.
Just uploaded some work from studies again.
unfortunately at least half of the text is german, but the video and pictures speak for themselves:D
check it out at my blog.

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I've uploaded some of my latest work to my blog.
if you're interested, just head over for a visit.

c ya
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Hello again...

As some of you might know I started a blog some time ago, but never used it.
One main reason for that was that the system I'd to use, was pretty ....let's say "un-intelligent".
I now installed wordpress on my server and will keep you up to date more easily.
The main idea of this blog will be creativity and design, so if you think you found something interesting, don't doubt and tell me asap :)

So you might now ask: where do I find the new blog?

Would be really awesome if some of you guys would show me some unique stuff or some interesting webpages or whatever :)

Thanks guys.
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...and some things changed.... e.g. I'm on a Mac Book Pro now, means on Leopard,too.
This again means I wanna see some 512x512 icons myself....NICE icons....*g*
Don't wanna say that other ppl don't create nice icons, not at all!
There are awesome iconists out there, they just all don't fit the taste I have for customizing my own desktop.
What does that mean?
This means that I HOPEFULLY will create a bunch of 512x512 for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
Why hopefully? -Because I'm into MUCH work at uni and don't know when I'll find time for that, especially as I want to design a new page as well.
So if you're a macuser and need/wish/want some icons/-sets, please send a mail with your wishes to  -p-r-o-j-e-c-t_g-f-x-@-t-e-s-t-e-r-l-e-.-d-e- , without all the minuses of course.
Don't know what else to say, so I'm wishing you a nice time.
C ya later guys.
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Hey everybody!

Got a new server as i couldn't access the old one anymore and wanted to redesign my page anyways.
As there's just a short flash-presentation atm, so i wanted to ask if there are special wishes for my next webpage.meaning both, content AND design.

here is some work i've done during my studies...
have fun!
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hey  :)

just updated my blog at… for all of you who want to support me a bit, let me know. how to is told in the blog :)
btw... how do you like the blog?
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hey :)
on my homepage you can now choose between my blog and the pages' content.
blog is updated as often as i think about it and know something to tell you :)
got an emailadress posted there where you should send your icon-wishes to, as i've lost the list with the other wishes. anything else will be posted in the blog, so check it out :)
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Hey all!

I've gotten sooo many requests about reuploading the broken icons the last months, i wouldn't believe myself if i didn't know :D
anyways... i moved to munich on sunday and before that, i were on isdn... so it would have been work of days to reupload all the broken icons and i didn't have any time at all.
but here i'm on dsl and it was work of some hours.... yep...
you're reading right... it WAS :D
all icons' downloads should work now again :) please keep on reporting broken links!
my icons :D…
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wowi... yesterday evening (23:48 == 11:48 pm) i received a call that i'd get the flat i wanted... or let's say house. i'll get a room in a house and may use every room except their (a guy and his girlfriend) dorming room.
and studies start monday... really close...
anyways... in munich i'll have dsl and will reupload all my icons which are broken so far.anything else?
dunno... the new batteries for my powerbook will arrive within the next weeks... pretty cool :D new batteries for free *yay* apple rulez :D
btw... all the munich kayakers... contact me, i wanna join you! :D
are there any clubs about kayaking and/or munich? haven't found any yet.
Hey guys!

i need your help!
i've got to move to munich because of studies...and i've gotta live there from the 1st october on but i haven't found a flat or anything like that yet. so i'm asking all of you if you know a place where i can live for max. 350€/month.
any ideas? perhaps a link to a munich-group/community would be helpful,too...
thanks in advance!
I've now updated my homepage and added a blog... the old content is still available.
just read:

English version
Deutsche Version
Some of you might wonder why I'm writing this journal, as they know that I usually don'T show any interest to football.anyways... here my first and last wm-journal.
My tip at the beginning was 2:1 for italy...
ok... wasn't quite right.. but almost...
i can't hear the ****-licking commentaries of the moderators and showmasters anymore...  "oh... we were so good... and although italy earned the winning, they weren't really better than us..." *blablabla*
the german players were just standing around, were running too slow and i don'T think they didn't play very good.
italy wasn't that much better, but at least they MOVED!
my congratulians to the italian team! they did a great job and they earned to win!
i don't know why... but life sucks...
As some of you perhaps noticed, I haven't posted any new features the last months.
reason is the lack of time, plus it's annoying that nobody seems to read those journalentrys anyways... deviantart yourself....
damn....again...f*ck it...
i hate it, somehow... all the "happy birthday"crap and sh*t.... one year older... yay... i'm sooooo happy... O.o ...

have a nice day, i won't.

p.s.: i miss the person i've been the last years... damn... too much changed...
As i searched this months skin submissions, i was once again very disappointed.On the last page i finally found two nice skins. In fact, those two skin were both so beautiful that it was a hard decission again, but i knew it just couldn't be a wrong one!
Now have a look at :iconglaslego:s latest work and enjoy the easy to use- ,smooth- and clean interface of Polaris Clear
Congratulations!!! Awesome skin you made there!

Authors Comments: None yet, will hopefully be told soon by the author
Features: None yet, will hopefully be told soon by the author
Credits: None yet, will hopefully be told soon by the author
How are skins getting featured?
In the end of every month i'll have a look at every skinsubmission that was done in this month and pick the best i can find.
please tell me if you don't want your skin getting featured.
History of featured skins:

26 - december '05: Polaris Clear by ~glaslego :iconglaslego: -- Journal Entry
25 - november '05: KameleonDUI Beta 1 by ~leechbite  -- Journal Entry
24 - october '05: Type-A by ~skryingbreath  -- Journal Entry
23 - september '05: Orbis by ~Maisch  -- Journal Entry
22 - august '05: Wrigley's Chewing Amp by ~dbernar1  -- Journal Entry
21 - july '05: Simple by ~rpeterclark  -- Journal Entry
20 - june '05: FLO 1.2 by ~quadh  -- Journal Entry
19 - may '05: Hydra by =sinan  -- Journal Entry
18 - april '05: Parallax by ~Sirat  -- Journal Entry
17 - march '05: T-800 Winamp 5 skin by ~quadh  -- Journal Entry
16 - february '05: Drone by ~883design  & *rpeterclark  -- Journal Entry
15 - january '05: Bm2D by ~modular9  -- Journal Entry
14 - december '04: Grayz by *makrivag  & ~rontz  -- Journal Entry
13 - november '04: iTunes mini for Winamp 5 by ~megabit  -- Journal Entry
12 - october '04: WooHoo-FER by *makrivag  & ~carlosp  -- Journal Entry
11 - september '04: Spirit by ~StefanKa  -- Journal Entry
10 - august '04: Multipass by *rpeterclark  -- Journal Entry
9 - july '04: AR7 by ~Anemovatis  -- Journal Entry
8 - june '04: LayerONE by ~Anemovatis  -- Journal Entry
7 - may '04: Leviathan Winamp Modern Skin by *koregraphik  -- Journal Entry
6 - april '04: official face tomorrow skin by ~shoesoff  -- Journal Entry
5 - march '04: .44 Magnum by ~QuadH  -- Journal Entry
4 - february '04: M3 by ~Neoreality  -- Journal Entry
3 - january '04: Venus by *rpeterclark  -- Journal Entry
2 - december '03: T3-Amp by #sowmiles  -- Journal Entry
1 - november '03: Anexa by *nanoshock  -- Journal Entry

The winners by icons (latest first / no double entrys):


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