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Silver Aqua Wrath of Lich King

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By rontz   |   
This zip contains 3 different dockicons for the upcoming WoW-addon "Wrath of the Lich King".
All three are slightly different.
If you're looking for older WoW-Icons, check this [link]
All 256 x 256px pngs, as all my icons are, should be big enough for everybody.

if you find some of my icon-downloads broken, please send me a mail. i'll send it to you then asap!

if you're missing a special icon in my icon-list, please send me a note titled "icon: <;program name>" and i'll try to create it asap, but as i don't have much time it could take a while!


Now also available as Mac OS X icons! [link]
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thanks:) glad you like it:)
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aah! I've been looking for icons like this. Now i can finally switch my Alpha Beta icon into something else :3
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*g* glad you like it :)
thx for commenting :)
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You're really devoted to these aren't you! I'm glad, as all the icons are stunning! Keep up the good work! :D

Unfortunately I don't have WoW but if I did, I would surely use these dock icons! :D
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i'm not...users are :D i don't use the most myself as i'm on a mac :) i'm making them for the community :)
if you've got much time you should try the free 10 day wow-trial. it's really awesome :) but you need MUCH time :D and later a bit money... but it's worth it, in my eyes :)
thanks for both, for the comment and for the compliment :D glad you like these too :)
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Heh, you really ought to use them somehow, they are fantastic! :D

I've been on WOW at my friends, its good, but not entirely my kind of game - I prefer FPS. Keep smiling! :D
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"Heh, you really ought to use them somehow, they are fantastic!"

that's the same what i thought...for a long time... and now some of them are available as mac-icons;)

that's what i thought and didn't even try it for years :D i really like fps as well and didn't like rpgs so far, though i liked the idea. i just haven't seen any good ones before... but at some point i thought "sooo many people are playing it, and many say you're getting addicted to it really fast, gotta try it at least!" ...i did...great mistake :D i'm addicted now... though i still love cs, q3, ut,ghost recon and so on... it's just freaking amazing as soon as you put some time in it ;)

*LOL* i do keep smiling :D many ppl say i smile too much :D
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