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May 10, 2004
Excellent rendition of the infamous HAL robotic eye into a gorgeous desktop addition as a Winamp Modern skin: Hal's Eye v1.2 by ~rontz melds beauty and technical functionality and diversity all into one great skin. Great job!
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Hal's Eye v1.2 - Reuploaded

Finally here it is!!

I submitted it for the GUIOlympics, but it was disqualified because of the beta-version that was already in the winamp forums and on devart.
Anyway, now here you go with the latest version! It will be updated later, but at the moment i'm on too much work.
The skin itself was inspired by the computer's eye in 2001-odysse in space. (have a look at the about in the preferences! :) ) there are some people i wanna thank, but they're all mentionned in the credits :)
only thing i gotta say herefor is:"thanks to vag for this kick-ass preview!"
please tell me how you like it :)


Thanks to all of you who told me this download was broken, finally reuploading. No version change, no fixes, no updates. Just the old skin:)
© 2004 - 2021 rontz
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Ps. I'd love to do a screen shot and send it here but wouldn't know how. I can do screen shots but posting here is another story.

Again, thanks.
I've been working hard to get my setup with rain meter skins and have done well with them. I'm only a user. I don't design them so don't get this wrong. I've finally got the layout right with several rain meter skins and am most pleased with them. Now, I run across this skin for win amp and it fell right into what I was trying to do. This is an outrageously kewl win amp skin that makes my desk top look really kewl..thanks a lot..

Mr. P
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Hi there! Unfortunately I don't get which issues you're running into.
If you describe what's up, I might be able to help you - you could also upload a screenshot to your DeviantArt gallery and send me the link.

Glad you like that skin. Thanks for letting me know! :)
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Great skin, although I never managed to have the 4 eyes I see on the picture on my desktop !! :-)
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Glad you like it! :-) Hal's got only one eye, so basically the second one's already too much ;) The image just shows from which view you can switch to which different :-) Sorry for the confusion.
Thanks for letting me know! :-)
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
i have used this for sooo long . thank you very much for making this :D
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that's nice to hear:)
glad you like it that much:)
Man, this skin is a legend!!! I've been using it for years now!!
I have lots of friend using it too!!

But the the only thing missing is the winamp modern notification(just my opinion...)

But the beauty of your design hides those missing features!!

I'll keep using it!!

Anyway Thank you!!
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That's nice to hear:)
Glad you still like it that much:)

Thanks for letting me know about the notifications, I guess I would have implemented it, if anybody had told me during the creationprocess.

Thanks for your comment :)
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Still a definite :+fav: five years later!
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*G* thx a lot:) glad you like it :)
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"It can only be attributable to human error..."

excellent :)
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thx, glad you like it :)
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Welcome, see it in action [link] =D
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hey why's there no blog entry at your website buddy (: missin some new stuff ^^ ok it's just a reupload, but completly new for your blog (:
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because i actually haven't even thought about blogging a fixed download from here^^
guess it's worth a short entry though:)
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Whoa, that's crazy! I remember downloading this off winamp's site like 3-4 years ago and using it, and now I find out you're the one who made it? That's awesome.
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yup, i am:D and it's old stuff,too, true true:D
glad you like it that much :)
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there seems to be a problem when i tried to download it :P
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then try one of these links :):
[link] my page
[link] on
[link] on 1001 winampskins
[link] on
if none of these works, i'm sure it's floating around on other pages on the net...just google :D
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amazingly cool. does it come in windows media player or am i asking too much?
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thanks :)
if anybody wants to port it to mediaplayer he'll get my permission, but i won't do it myself, as i don'T like mediaplayer and don't have any idea of mediaplayer-skinning because of that.
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