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  • Listening to: Yatterman no Uta
  • Reading: FullMetal Alchemist
  • Watching: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger & Kamen Rider W
  • Playing: Sands of Destruction
  • Eating: French Fries
  • Drinking: Black Coffee
*Gasp!* It's been like, almost 2 years (1 year 10 months, to be exact) since I've updated any journals here on DA. Man.. I know I know, I've been partly busy and also sorta lazy to type anything here and on FA (which explains my Livejournal been "almost" practically dead, but am planning to post back there again and be active once more). So for some who doesn't frequent to my other site, here's just some pretty brief update about me. :3

Been quite busy lately with lots of artwork that's been behind schedule for a long time, and am trying to catch up to it and completing them. So commissions are currently close until I can settle at least most of my art so I can be much more free to work on more stuff. And no, I don't accept any art request, so don't need to bother yourself with asking about it. I only do it for close friends of mine. :3

Also, I know I've been doing way lots of male muscle artworks here as compared to what I usually draw couple years back (which was mostly normal fanarts and average size characters). But I will occasionally try to draw them again.

Lately I've been reading on Bokurano, the manga. Though the comic's visual isn't all that impressive, but the simplicity of it actually made it look really clean and neat, and the story progressive pretty nicely and deals with a lot of the emotions and psychology among the chosen kids. Give it a go, or the anime if you pretty moving pictures and audio. X3

As for gaming side, I've been enjoying myself a lot with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. The game is similiar to Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, but I enjoyed the extra playable characters and the special episodes in them. Though the game's difficulty is still as tough as before, but it's fun. Another game would be the recent release of Sands of Destruction (and no, it's nothing to do with Prince of Persia >_< ), also known as World Destruction in Japan. It's a pretty decent RPG game, isn't too complicated, though it isn't really a great game neither a bad game, but it's pretty fun. And as you can see, I'm a NDS fan and gamer. XP

Another DS game that I'm really looking forward to is the US release of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. Been waiting really eagerly for it, and do hope to get a chance to play it when it's out. X3

Hmm... What else do I say here for now... Oh, I'm currently hooked on Yatterman no Uta, it's just so catchy. All of the different versions of it. Sure wish I could play Tatsunoko VS Capcom. X3

And I miss my :iconbluelenzz:
  • Listening to: [iksi:d] - Hey You
  • Reading: Brinkerhoff
  • Watching: Tokyo Underground
  • Playing: Mario &amp; Luigi Partners In Time (NDS)
I'll make this quick. College is good. Life is good. End.

I think that's a little too quick. Anyway, just to keep it simple, college is good so far, just assignments pilling up. Exams coming soon in a month. Life here is good, though a little boring. Not sure why is that. Still having lots of art requests in my list that has yet to finish. Hope that you guys can wait.

Oh, about my art, i've just uploaded some of my recent works here in DA once more, though it's not much as some are not really appropriate to be submitted here. So if you wanna check out more of my art, you gotta head over to my FA site, as i will update more often over there than here. Here's the link to it.…

Been catching up on some pretty good animes lately, especially Nodame Cantabile. It's an awesome show that has a pretty good storyline, with some soothing classical songs. Even more so when i love a good dose of humour with romance and some good music in it. And i've finished watching the live action version of it, and i have got to say i love the live action version of the show more than the anime. :3

So i guess that's all for now then. Til next time. :3
  • Listening to: Hirano Aya - Hare Hare Yukai
  • Watching: Night Wizard Ep 13
  • Playing: Lunar Knights
So far 2007 has been a fairly decent year, with the good and bad that's been happening in my life kinda even things out. College has been good, with some minor problems such as the course itself, life with my mate :iconbluelenzz: has never been better and hope that this new year, things will  be even better for the both of us. Maybe even more sexual! XD

Looking forward to many good things to come in the near future, and hope that i can have a much better skill and to further improve on my artwork and art style. And also looking forward to be able to complete most of my current to-do-art-request list. @.@

Once again, here me and my mate wishing all of you furs out there a Happy New Year! May your life be filled with joy, happiness, love, laughters, success, smiles and friendship! ^^

On a side note, i might and might not be submiting new works here, but i'll still keep watch of most of you awesome artist out there. You can find most of my stuff over at my FA site.…
I might be able to head to KL this coming Sunday! It's a one-day trip, so i do hope to be able to meet up with you furs over there, possibly at a mall, as usually. =P

Do hope to be able to meet you lots, even more to those that i have not meet up before, and expecially you, Chib. :hug: :love: Stay strong dear. =3
Been a long time since i've update anything on my journal here. Well, nothing much to say, so... let's get RANDOM! x3

Chili juice with plum! 8D

Anyone? =P
Ok, i got another host here for my site. Do check it out. =3

Had a change of the design of the site once more. x3
Finally changed my website to a much more simpler design, and which i'm quite satisfied with it, eventhough it's basic. Go check it out. =3
Finally found some motivation to continue redesigning my site. Majority of them is still in construction, so don't expect much til i'm done with them. Do hope i can finish it... Nyaa~ *yawns*
Finally i'm back. Everything is good for me now, and thanks for you guys who have IM me and SMS me so comfort me, support me through this. You know who you are. ;) And i should just move on with my life, instead of holding back on the past, pain and suffering. So look out world! The fuzz is BACK!!! x3
Something bad has happen to me recently and i'll be on a break from drawing. Won't be back here on DA for a while. Don't bother asking me what happen either, i won't say. Just so you know. That's all.
Ok, I've just collected my pc back a while ago from repaired. It seems that my pc was having some infection known as spyware. *curse* A-hem... Anyway, finally now i;m able to go online once more in the comfort of my home. That, and i'll be uploading new drawings (lots of 'em!), thou they'll still be in inked and pencil sketches, as i've got no time to digitize them yet (well, what do you expect that i just got my pc back home?). Anyway, glad to be back. =3
Not sure when i'll be able to get back online for now. Had no idea what happen to my streamyx line back home, and i'm using my school's computer lab to login for now. Do hope that everything will be ok as soon as possible.  ><
Just came back from the mall today! And went out with :icondobb: to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. And i've got to say it's the best film of the year! Visually stunning, and features some of the best soundtracks in the movie! XD *goes into a raving movie frenzy* Anyway, it's a full thumbs up for me for this movie. :D
Screw you government! What the heck happen to all my information in my MYKad!? All i have is just my name! None of my gender, ID number, Address, and especially my Religion!!! Just checked mine a few moments ago, and found out so many non-muslims has wrong religion in their data in the MYKad! And some with chinese name who is not muslim, has been put as a muslim in it! And another who is a chinese Christian has Sikh for a religion? o_O But other than that, WHAT THE HECK happen to my data!!?? *Goes into a rampage madness*
I'm so happy, finally got my hands on Daniel's single! And i can't stop listening to 'Mimpi' over and over and over and over and... *catches breathe* Anyway, he has improve so much more after the Malaysian Idol competition. And now, i'm gonna head off listening to the song again! Ta-ta~ *leaves and starts singing to the song*
Today when i woke up, the weather is dark and gloomy. Even when i went for my class at 9, it's still dark. And during class, i got the news. That our prime minister's wife had just passed away this morning. And after class, it's was raining softly, the radio playing slow and sad music, no rock or pop. A sad day indeed.
Had just watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and the first thing that runs through my mind is "Woah, it's even better than FFX!" XD The graphics, actions and the music are good. And just right now i'm listening to the 2 side disc of the soundtrack. Darn, if only i'd palyed the game >.<
Crap. I've been tagged by a friend of mine. Guess i gotta list out at least 20 secrets about me.

1. I have play sports such as table tennis, badminton, tennis, swimming, taekwondo.

2. Have an interest in feng shui and astrology.

3. Doesn't like durians (What? Don't expect me to be a Malaysian that i must like them)

4. Used to read up alot on about the solar system, and still do when i got the time.

5. Have an interest in muscular guys, tends to get carried awa..y... :drool:

6. A Swat Katz fanatic.

7. Loves to hang out in shopping malls, but never buys anything XD

8. Used to play Pokemon trading card with my friends, and consider quite good at it! XD

9. Used to be addicted to all Pokemon related, cartoon series, comics, games...

10. I'm into boybands like the Backstreet Boys and Westlife (please don't throw any stuff at me) XD

11. Is currently mated to Rex and loving him a lot.

12. I'm very emotional, and sensitive to how others treat me.

13. I'm easily in tune into movies and stories.

14. Hates most rap and hard metal rock songs.

15. Loves animals a lot.

16. Once cried very badly after the death of an injured bird found at the front of my lawn when i was 7 or 8.

17. Was bitten by a monkey in a zoo when i was still a pre-schooler, and was able to see the white of the bone at my knee, with 2 punctured hole as deep as a centimetre deep.

18. Is a King Of Fighters and Guilty Gear fan.

19. Used to have a huge collection of Doraemon comic books.

20. Is a broke wolf. When i say broke, i mean REALLY broke! *show empty pockets* XD

Ok. Now that i'm done, i wanna get evil now and tagged others to tell their secrets. And they are

1. Scalyrex(sorry dear)
2. Xvmonrox
3. Nx-3000
Finally, i'm back after a seemingly long break. Glad to be able to online back home. And i've just uploaded 2 new works from me, and much more which is on their way to be scanned. Tried to improve my style for all this time, and still trying. So expect more fresh stuff from me. :)
Been such a long time since i've been in here. Didn't have any internet connection in my home for the moment, so i wasn't able to check my mails and DA. So sorry about that, but i will be able to get one soon *crosses fingers and pray* X3 Will upload all my 'delayed' artworks soon. ^^;

Friends and great artist:
:iconscalyrex: :iconwolfstar: :icondrracowong: :iconelijahtrevelyan: :iconarescat: :iconbrownkuma: :icontravallian: :iconmadlion8: :icontawamureru: :iconelie-crystal: :iconkritterfox: :iconmeom: :iconspicylemur: :iconkrhainos: :icongojita: :iconryuumajin: :iconalphaleo14: :icondarktiger: :iconsiriusstar13: :icondazencobalt: :iconkaroru-chan: :iconkerubin-kun: :iconxanseviera: :iconazeul: :iconnargus: :iconbusashi: :iconsiaukia: :iconwolffirefur: :iconallan-t: :iconsapphirez: :iconponcho-juju: :iconguyver47: :icondavidashmore: :icontofumi: :iconcheetahcub: :iconchild-of-sin: :iconsuicidalsheep: :iconcreativespikes: :iconinukijo: :iconsniper3: :iconcuidame: :iconsilverfs83: :iconlomstat: :iconguardianofire: :icondacher: :iconkenai-wolf: :iconsupercutegoddess: :iconmcatra: :iconranderzoid: :iconxi: :iconblackwerewolfhero: :icontemplarzz: :iconraptorblood: :iconvoidnd: :iconsoulspoison: :iconsh1n1g4m1-d4nt3: :iconnox-witchblade: :iconkyouryuu: :icondarpachief: :iconaledonrex: :iconwombo: :iconmadder: :iconlady-shanya: :iconhuskion: :iconkitler1213: :iconmidekai: :icontacimur: :icongreendragon2006: :icongrifterwolf: :iconzudomon: :iconzaids: :iconsilverwolfboywinters: :iconsksmash: :iconhyperiontwolf: :iconpyurio: :icongoldfox-the-fox: :iconrenagade-cat: :iconrikaru: :iconkikala: :iconkaynine85: :iconariga: :iconjk-kun: :iconjanvar: :iconiidx: :iconrynson: :iconnsmoh2006: :icontillwolfster: :iconhybridaik: :iconjerim: :icontoniserinn: :iconepiphonic: :iconcashewlou: :iconhyperiontwolf: :iconideno: :iconnx-3000: :iconsojh85: :iconshenro: :iconrackun: :iconguildsman: :iconpunktiger: :iconzwoulfe: :iconhokshi: :iconstupidgit: :iconadvancedflea: :iconfuyfp: :iconelectricdawgy: :iconlucyphermann: :iconartdecade: :iconractus: :iconaveleas: :iconwakkaookami: :iconscratchandsniff: :iconkibaru-kazel: :iconultrawolf: :iconsilverfox5213: :iconnightphaser: :iconmudmutt: :iconsjwolf: :iconblack-rat: :icontidalnight: :iconravencael: :iconsecoh2000: :iconiron-wolf: :iconximonr: :iconukent: :iconherps: :icondevlindreadwood: :icondawghause: :iconqdd: :iconsilversoftpaw: :iconbayson: :iconphycowolf: :iconsilverfenrir: :iconlink-tiger: :iconnightmaretalbain: :iconkuron-kim: :iconshinakira: :iconwolfgangcake: :iconponcho-juju: :iconanthronso: :iconpegasus316: :icongreatwuff: :iconnewheavenstudios: :iconrush-: :icongospel: :iconmasoukshin: :icongallon1988: :iconicerenamon: :icontzyro: :iconmetal-renamon: :iconsilverangel7: :iconneonja: :iconlargailion: :iconfatdrake: :iconx-buimon-sama: :iconxvrox: :iconbear-the-priest: :iconwolfinus: :iconsssinder: :iconraijuu:

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